sean novak

Rookie (09/12/1986 (UK DATE SO DD/MM/YYYY) / Burnley)

Biography of sean novak

I although don't like to write enjoy making up songs, poems and books. I am at the moment making a parody of STAR TREK called STARve TwEK.
I have Written One poem life as a gun and have written though not completed 2 songs. I also have made up about 5 songs but never write them down.
I like computers and games and the word 'and' according to this.

sean novak's Works:

NON (so far) Updates

Life As A Gun Is Hard

Life as a gun is hard
A sound blasting my ears as my trigger is pulled
The loss of my children as they are thrown at high speeds,
Cutting the flesh and bone of the ones around me.

Life as a gun is hard
The changing of my clip
Retched out from my spine
And replaced anew

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