Sean S

Rookie [A Quasi Doctor] (NJ)

Biography of Sean S

For those who concern themselves with a man of minuscule importance such as myself, I hope you enjoy what I write.

I believe that with every bond you make, every relationship that breaks, there is a lesson to be learned about why it didnt work or why it did, and it is with these poems that I express how I feel when these circumstances arise.

Opinions are welcomed and appreciated. Updates

Anguish Of Latterdays

As I looked into the vase,
I saw the lily wilt,
for in the reflection I saw her face-
ridden and struck with guilt.

Each petal fell like a tear from her eye,
and as the flower lost its luster,
I sat in anguish, praying, and yet God gave no reply-
for he could not find the words to muster.

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