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A Birthday

My heart is like a singing bird
Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
Christina Georgina Rossetti

Poem On His Birthday

In the mustardseed sun,
By full tilt river and switchback sea
Dylan Thomas

A Birthday Poem

Just past dawn, the sun stands
with its heavy red head
Ted Kooser

A Prayer For A Mother's Birthday

Lord Jesus, Thou hast known
A mother's love and tender care:
Henry Van Dyke

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

On this day,
to your Pa and Ma

Happy Birthday, My Twin

We were conceived together,
our first existence, sharing our mother's womb.
Barbara Haskell

For K.R. On Her Sixtieth Birthday

Blow out the candles of your cake.
They will not leave you in the dark,
Richard Wilbur

Dad's 60th Birthday

Most of the time, when I write, the words flow easily.
Yet, when I sat down to compose this, I had a problem,
Donna Wheelehon

Happy Birthday To My Daughter

How I loved you the day you were born
How I loved you growing into a beautiful woman
Pauline Grace

The Birthday Gift

She lived a life of solitude
She lived a life in vain
Kasi Navadomskis

Poem For My 43rd Birthday

To end up alone
in a tomb of a room
Charles Bukowski

My Lovely Home! (For Singapore's Birthday 2008)

Singapore, my island home,
Where my heart will always be.
Otaku Nature Lover CSHY

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Reshma Ramesh

A Birthday Wish To Someone Special

Like a cherry tree bloomed
I can feel the fragrance around
Deependra Kumar Jha

Happy Birthday Honey

you only get this once a year
bethany seed

Happy Birthday My Boy

8 years ago all my wishes came true
The angels brought me a gift and that gift was you.

Ninetieth Birthday

You go up the long track
That will take a car, but is best walked
Ronald Stuart Thomas


(16th January 1949)
I thank whatever gods may be
Robert William Service

Birthday Wishes For A Grieving Wife

Celebrate or not
They come each year to stay
Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Happy Birthday Papa...

I thank God for giving me a sweet and loving papa
Today is your 50th birthday that means so much to me
Ravi Sathasivam

Happy Birthday To A Very Special Person

It is your birthday
and on this day
Damn Angel

A Birthday

"Aug." 10, 1911.
Full moon to-night; and six and twenty years
Aleister Crowley

A Birthday Candle

Thirty today, I saw
The trees flare briefly like
Donald Justice

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Here's a wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
lil island Gal

To The Memory Of Mrs. Lefroy Who Died Dec:R 16 -- My Birth..

The day returns again, my natal day;
What mix'd emotions with the Thought arise!
Jane Austen

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