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Happy Birthday Grandma

Happy Birthday to dearest Muckie
To know you, we must be lucky

Happy Birthday, Dr. Fph.

All enfolded in leather is Fredy
though his poodles would like to go beddie.
Herbert Nehrlich

For Your 24th Birthday

this year,
i was going to bake you a cake.
chelle santos

Alphabetic Birthday Greetings For Davina

A poem you did ask of me,
B irthday wishes, I send to you,
Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to you,
Pure Poetry is a year old today,
Claire Page

On My 40th Birthday

last night
before I lay down to sleep
Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

Happy Birthday.................

Happy birthday my sweet heart.
Let my prayers bring you life long happiness
Ravi Sathasivam

- (Birthday Poem #3) For A Leo

My Dear Leo,
When at your best you are:
Ronberge (anno primo)

- (Birthday Poem #4) For A Virgo

My Dear Virgo,
So often Modest and shy
Ronberge (anno primo)


I blow out the birthday candle
I ask for the impossible
Victor Osorio

Poem For Lorna Dee On Our Birthday

I didn't want to talk about birthdays,
they're no comfort to me anymore,
Jesse Weiner

Happy 13th Birthday Jacqueline

In life's journey throughout your teen years many obstacles well
stand between you and your destiny,
Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

Birthday Angel - Jessica Bridges

Jessica, dear Jessica, how lovely thou be,
a vision of Heaven, a princess be thee.
Velmar Pewee Hale Johnson

Happy Birthday, My Dearest Friend

To Agnes-6th March 2005
My dearest friend, happy birthday!
Lucas Liu

The Birthday Wall (Children)

In Daddy's bedroom down the hall,
there's a special place, The Birthday Wall.
C.J. Heck

A Birthday Prayer

And ye to thee the lord bestow
His grace to bid thee yet another year...
Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi

My Birthday Was Different This Year

As I was rummaging through
the file boxes my wife had left for me
Oscar Mireles

Happy Birthday, Mary

The birds are silent now,
all called to order by the owl.
Herbert Nehrlich

Epistle To Lord Hervey On The King's Birthday From The Cou..

Where I enjoy in contemplative chamber,
Lutes, laurels, seas of milk, and ships of amber.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The Celebration Of Jesus' Birthday

Each year when Christmas comes round,
I sometimes wonder if we really understand what its all about.
Helen Click Roberts

To Mom On My Birthday

Mom, I don't remember but you do.
After nine months and much ado
John F. Bell

To Sam: Happy 18th Birthday

Once you were our baby
Then you were our boy
Lois C. Shepherd

Birthday Wisdom For Gregory

A birthday comes but once a year,
the day remains the same.
Herbert Nehrlich

May Is My Birthday....

this day is my birthday..
this may is my month birthday..
hazem al jaber

For A Friend (On Her Birthday)

From the heavenly abode her heart belongs
Where lies
Vishal Kumar

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