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Happy Birthday

happy birthday its your speical day.
all you get to do is fool around and play.
Reggie fambro mcclain III

For A Friend (On Her Birthday)

From the heavenly abode her heart belongs
Where lies
Vishal Kumar

For My Favourite Niece Mara - Happy Birthday!

Auf Kamel in der Wueste Sahara
ritt ein Maedchen mit Vornamen Mara.
Herbert Nehrlich

Goodbye Mom Hope Your Birthday Is Swell

its your birthday. I love you! Thanks for giving birth to me. And for being a mommy for a little while.
Today I'm grown up. I still cherish your hugs, your kisses. But, not your slugs or near misses. So where in my heart I need to forgive you. But not sure how or when or why.
Kimberly (Strothman) Anderson

Happy Birthday

I have a little wish for u...
A Smile for every minute...
Priyanka Shetty

Happy Birthday, Janelle

When I was young
I used to wear
Janet K. Rauch

Forget My September Birthday

My birthday is so yesterday
I even forgot it once
Cena Rose

Thinking Of You On Your Birthday! Leah :)

Another year another birthday thinking of you all day
Thinking about school the old times, the memories stay

Birthday Song

Would'ya believe it?
A whole year has gone by.
bob barci

It Was My Birthday Yesterday

It was my birthday yesterday
The worst day of my life
Ramona Thompson

Happy Birthday Jathin

The icing on the cake,
The bow on the gift,
Reshma Ramesh

Happy Birthday...'Mom'

I want so badly to pick up the phone
Call you and wish you a happy birthday on my own
Shilesha Johnson

Happy Birthday Mama Mary

Mama Mary Happy Birthday!
At the dawn of every life,
Mark Stephen Ancheta

Happy Birthday Farah Deeba

Happy birthday Farah, happy birthday dear
I'm really proud of you my dear
Seema Chowdhury

Birthday Alone

I'm on holiday and you ask why are you so forlone
Well todays my birthday and Im just stuck here alone

‘happy Birthday, Mum! '

Your ninety years’ of love
To children and all, prove
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Every Birthday

Happy Birthday Right? Wrong!
Birthdays are suppose to be happy
Joi Till

@}~` Meggie's Birthday Garden '~{@

If I could make you happy
by surrounding you with beautiful things
Lee Degnan

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom
You mean so much to me
Marilyn Lott

Happy 10th Birthday Samia

When God saw me sad
And saw tears in my eyes dear
Seema Chowdhury

(089) Happy Birthday Uncle Doc

I wish you a happy birthday
And hope this year proves lucky for you
Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

My Mothers Birthday

My mothers birthday the need to celeabrate. To celeabate her Life. That's because you can. And you should. So don't be sad. Be glad you are here. I wi ...
Susie Sunshine

Happy Birthday Ami

A blessing packed day
Is wished for you
Seema Chowdhury

Gangsta Whispher...A Birthday Heart

this year on my bday in may
kiki KEYKEY amador

Happy Birthday Daddy

daddy yesturday was your birthday and I did not get too say happy birthday to you why because you are not heair with me anymore you went to heaven whe ...
alicia pike

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