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Happy Birthday To You

Happy birthday to you
James Hart

Birthday Wishes For My Step-Daughter

Deborah, I rack my brains,
If brains I have,
Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

For My Sister On Her 16th Birthday

I can no longer tell people that I have a little sister,
Now I must say that I have a younger sister,
Charlie F. Kane

A Birthday Wish For Our Own Robert Frost

Happy Birthday to someone who
is celebrating it very soon
Bonnie Collins

Happy Birthday Baby Girl...Love Mommy

Covered in cake and icing,
Your smile stretched ear to ear.
Jamie Sidwell

A Symbolic Cousin (For My Cousin On Her 21st Birthday)

You are a wonderful friend,
A great companion too.
Christian Eliab Ratnam


Mother, let me congratulate you on
the birthday of your son.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Mom,80th Birthday 2003

Mom, Is a Special Word
You Love to hear...
Carmen Strawn

Happy Birthday, My Dear Wife!

Today is your birthday-
A special day indeed;
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Its Your 19th Birthday!

its that time of year again
the time that you celebrate with all your friends
Danyell Demm

Stella's Birthday March 13, 1727

This day, whate'er the Fates decree,
Shall still be kept with joy by me:
Jonathan Swift

Ninon De Lenclos, On Her Last Birthday

So let me have the rouge again,
And comb my hair the curly way.
Dorothy Parker

- A Birthday Blessing-

Here is a Birthday Blessing
Carolyn Ford Witt

Happy 20th Birthday

First off let me say, “Happy Birthday! ”
It does not seem possible, but you are twenty,
Kenzie Thorp

Happy Birthday Dearest Mother

Hail Queen of Heavens,
Mother of Mercy,


We all look forward to birthdays, especially
when we were young. You didn't have a care
Audrey Heller

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to my Dad
There is no ice cream, no cake, no presents to be had
Jim Milks

Happy Birthday Nephew

From the moment I discovered
You were on your way

Your Birthday

Today is very special
Because it is your birthday
Miranda Van Yperen

My Birthday's Today

My birthday’s today. I’m so glad.
My birthday’s today. Now I’m sad.
Amanda Nelson

Happy Birthday

A day for you but one for me as well
I have you and cherish the day you came into this world and mine
Thomas Murphy

Ashley's Birthday Rap

Her name's ashley
shes from the hood.
Tiffany ThePirate

Happy Birthday Princess Sarah

What was it that I saw in you
I still can't explain it clearly too
Seema Chowdhury

Happy Birthday Stranger

Happy Birthday
Blow out the candles and make one wish
ice johnson

To My Dead Mother The Night Before My Thirtieth Birthday

It’s my birthday today, Mom.
I wish you were here to share it with me.
Denis Kucharski

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