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Birthday Flames

Quench the birthday flames with quavering regret
And bravely dodge the smiles of friends and kin
Tim Bovee

The Birthday Wish

In honoring the anniversary of your birth
I hope you'll be made aware of your life's worth,
Lola Kysar

5 Or 6 Angels And A Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s second birthday,
I made a party cake with five little angels in a swirl of snowflakes.
R. (Rayanne) Vanderkleed

On A Birthday

There is no point at which the years crush
The on rush does not prevent a tantalising glimpse
Anthony Ward

A Birthday Wish To My Wife

With laughing eyes obsidian bright
Crystal clear like winters night
Mick Lines

Happy Birthday To A Special Friend

happy birthday to a special friend!
although i haven't known you many years,
Melissa Starr

Happy Birthday Alison

I know you will reflect
upon your life today.
Herbert Nehrlich

The Birthday Boy At Christmas Time

If, During the Holiday-Season
You Should-Happen to come by
Sirpheno The Knight

Birthday ~haiku

Flame on a Candle
Transfer to another Candle
Charles Garcia

Robins Birthday Ballad

It was down by the river, down by the river side
A girl so pretty I almost cried
AHO Speaks

Happy Birthday

We used to
be close once
Noemi Lee

Happy Birthday, Stranger!

Were you simply too dumb
to grow up and become
Herbert Nehrlich

Happy Birthday

For another year’s gone by
To show your wondrous ways
Paul Moosberg

The Death Of Happy Birthday

I would never have guessed its' death
A friend mentioning the demise at dinner
Bill Grace

Happy Birthday, Jesus

1st verse:
Jesus Christ was born
Greg Oosterhouse

On Your Birthday Master.

You are the
Chhavi Anupam

Birthday Or Bad-Day?

The light grows dim
I'd prefer not to sin
Nana Hauwa Ibrahim

Happy Birthday My Only Star

Though my thoughts and words are not enough
to make you see
maya crisol


a day unlike any other day
yet like every other day
fleur the tulip sniper

Special Birthday Wishes - Leon Day

Do I spread it thickly?
Or sparingly this time?
Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Ciro's Birthday

On a tree, a lazy little squirrel
A nut he has cherished as a pearl
Alyssa Rieper

Birthday Wishes

Seventeen candles burn so bright.
Voices meld together in celebratory song.
Elizabeth Sheaffer

Birthday Rememberance

Your Dearest love remembered Mum on this your Special Day;
So precious are your memories, I close my eyes and pray.
Shirley.R. Simpkin

Happy Birthday

It's been sixteen years since
you have been came from
Vega Destiny Star

October 2 [the Birthday Of Mahatma Gandhi]

Every year must you come around,
greatest of heroes, most awkward of men,
Joydeep Sircar

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