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A Birthday To 007!

Happy Birthday
To James Bond 007
Ramesh T A

Happy Birthday

Oh no it's your birthday!
Let me start your day
Rununah S...

For Your Birthday, Abe

While deeds and chores are racing
Faster than the speed of light
lorry brackett

Birthday On The Keys

Sleep entails smoking hideous white,
Getting married in a horn of a snail, reclining
Robert Rorabeck

Birthday Girl

Oh my sweet little sister
I take care of you
Arjun K Das

“for My Special “friend” Birthday”

In your 19th Birthday you are truly a lady
A lady with a loving personality
mariz olive brato

Your Birthday

Why you don’t know I don’t really care.
But when you cut your cake I was very much there.
Rudrashish Sengupta

Birthday Wishes, Of Course

Tired rooms in opulent boredom,
And today I drove through the Zuni nation:
Robert Rorabeck

A Birthday Wish To My Darling Sis

Thinking of someone very special to me
An angel-that’s what she’ll always be
Sohini Pal

On Her Birthday......

waiting with flowers near the door
gonna place it on her feet
Sebastine Humaemo

' ' ' ' ' ' My Name In Sleep(Birthday Poem For Helen)

I wash her hair
for her.
Dónall Dempsey

My Birthday Gift

As I grow older I see, that life wasn’t fair to me.
I didn’t have any chooses, it’s to be or not to be.
Raouf Reda

Ted’s And Pat’s Birthday-On The Fourth Of July

My dad and sister had the same birth date.
Ted was youngest of three brothers,
Joe Rosochacki

Happy Birthday

When I count my blessings
Apart from God’s love and living
Michael Tunduli


Today, I am nearly six.
I am ten steps up the stair, looking in
Sheena Blackhall

Happy Meaning Birthday

Another year goes by...
More older
Devinta Septianty

Happy Birthday

'happy birthday sweetie
sorry i wasnt there
Cassie Heinz

Happy Birthday © 30/1/09

Nocturnal Beacons
Placed upon high
Scott Daniels

'Something'... A Poem For Your Birthday

It’s no secret that we’ve been through
Some times which were really rough
Caren Stoorm

Barry Bacon - 28th Birthday

The Space Hopper 2000 millennium shag!
Richard Clarke

Birthday Tea - A Ruba'Iat

And butterflies do not land, they alight.
I know, I’ve had one land on me. So light
Janet Budd

Happy Birthday

Shining is sun today in Milky Way
Not out of duty
Mittur Ramprasad

My Birthday Reminds Me Of Suicide! ! ! !

Staring the golden wrap..
delivered to my oblivion..
Shagun Khera

For Your Birthday

The life is running but the journey will end
The wind is blowing, so the message is send
Sumeet Mukherjee

Blue Whale Birthday

It supposed to be
A fantastic time
shirin sheikhi

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