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A Birthday To 007!

Happy Birthday
To James Bond 007
Ramesh T A

Teach Me (A Poem For Afzal On His Birthday) : Nelson Iwejua

I am like a pilgrim in this beautiful planet,
Just like my grand parents who were here previously.
Afzal Shauq

To Afzal Shauq - It's His Birthday: Laura Maguire

I've never been given this task before.
I find it difficult sometimes
Afzal Shauq

Birthday Wish To Afzal Shauq: Misty Lackey

A day to make our new as one.
A place for your sun to
Afzal Shauq

Happy Birthday (Few Words For Afzal Shauq) : Vilma Zaballero

I met a friend,
and I'm proud to say,
Afzal Shauq

Happy Birthday (Written To My Good Friend Afzal Shauq) : S..

Vocabulary Word Part of Speech Definition Synonym Antonym
Afzal Shauq

Happy Birthday Afzal Shauq: ' Nick Anderson'

For my friend,
His birthday is soon.
Afzal Shauq

Happy Birthday Amy Lofgren

Happy is the day today.
For me, you and more, it's a Jolly day.
Leslie Alexis

Pushkin 1, Birthday Tale

Pushkin Birthday Tale
There is no other man on earth
Linda Hepner

Birthday Poem

wrinkles were not worn once in this same day
when mind was yet at fall and seed was dormant
R. Absalom Catarata


Hi girl! This is my letter to you.
I am sorry for my blindness and glory.
hmimi djamel

Your Birthday

This morning when you wake up
A sweet smile will meet you
Bhaswat Chakraborty

Joel Birthday

Joel's birthday will soon been here. But he is not here to celebrate. So I will celeabrate for him. He would have turn 56. So young and caring. I don' ...
Susie Sunshine

Birthday Epitaph

I sat on your big
shoulders, a bite-sized
John Weber

Mother's Birthday

My mother's birthday is next month.
For over 50 years I've celebrated it,
Mark J. Schulte

Happy Birthday Jessie! :)

You’ll wake up Sunday morning hearing us cheer and shout,
you’ll have a smile on your face, and you won’t have a doubt.
Heather Colton

My Birthday With My Black Puppy

She was a mutt
and her fur was black but
Meg Harrison

A Friends Birthday

A little secret for your birthday
I've been holding tight a little secret
Patrick 'the pyropoet' littrell

Dora's Birthday Was Yesterday

Dora's birthday was yesterday. We all her very much. She was so special. She made the best Chopped liver. No one can top Dora's chopped liver. I miss ...
Susie Sunshine

Happy Birthday Mom

Whenever it comes to your birthday,
I remember you walking away,
Donna Elouise James

On A Birthday

On a birthday,
You will get presents and goodwill wishes
Pensive Phoenix

Honoring Abraham Lincoln's 200th Birthday

A Reminder from Abraham Lincoln - From the speech made upon proclaiming a National Fast Day (30 March 1863)

Daniel Partlow

My Birthday

my birthday is fun i get alot of give. ...
theresa Coles


No sweet kiss to touch thy lips
On a day that lights the way
Rachael Belle Myers

Happy Birthday Mom

Some times you yell, and sometimes you scream
But I know that every scream just means you love me
Maxwell Ian

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