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Nichole’s Eighth Birthday

In her tousled bed she woke
To a exciting day of sunshine and joyful tidings.
Beatrice Dahlen

It Was A Birthday To Us

It was a birthday to us
Sunlight shining on the heart
Ahmad Shiddiqi

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Birthday(For L.. C.)

And she gave him
tea and oranges
Dónall Dempsey

Happy Birthday

So, here's a poem from my heart
I didn't google it
Elizabeth Muller

Happy Birthday Adam

Time has a way of mending a broken heart-It helps us to move on even though we're far apart.
If I was granted a wish then it would most certainly be-That you were here with us and you never had to leave.
Vett Wroten

The Lonely Birthday Conference

Kids sang songs and slapped greasy hands behind the school bus
driver. Head up, eyes forward, glaring into smaller
Carolyn Michael

The Last Thing I Will Do Is Wish You Birthday

When the leaves get absorb in to the sand
When the butterflies return to their home
Tarun Sharma

Happy Birthday

heavy with increasing weight gained
so mama groaned in pain
Oche Echoda James

Happy Birthday Frank

I shall wear my most beautiful dress
and shall sing may ye Gods duly bless
Herbert Nehrlich 2

Happy Birthday

may the day of your birth be remmembered by all you know
inannimate objects shall fill your living space
sudipto mukherjee

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Say My Name(Yet Another Birthday ..

She says
my name
Dónall Dempsey

My Mother's Birthday Is Tomorrow

My mother's birthday is tomorrow. But she is not here. So I will celcebrate for her. Because she is so special. Written and Posted 10/20/09 In the me ...
Susie Sunshine

Rose's Birthday

Dawn was cool on a sunny morn,
Oh welcome the day Miss Rose was born!
T N McCoy

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' To The Edge Of Her(A Day A..

I tiptoed up
to the edge of her
Dónall Dempsey

Sad Birthday

Today it is my Birthday,
ester worter

- Happy Birthday-

I wish you a Happy Birthday
Carolyn Ford Witt

My Dads Birthday

Cream and butter yum yum yum,
Eat too much bum bum bum,
apple abs

My Moms Birthday Is Just A Few Days Away

My mother's birthday is just a few days away. I will celebrate her birthday. Because that is what she would want. written and Posted 10/17/09 In the m ...
Susie Sunshine

Happy Birthday

I bought you an acer for your birthday
Beautiful claret coloured leaves
Judith Evans

Birthday Gift

It’s you made me special
It’s you showed the rush for sweetened lass...
Moushumi moushumi

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Upon The Lawns Of Summer(Birthd..

One by one
they march
Dónall Dempsey

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Right To Rain(For Anne On ..

The rain began
to fall behind me
Dónall Dempsey

'Angel Of God' (Happy First Birthday Gabriella)

Celebratory are we today, upon the day of your birth!
One year old today, Daddy misses your infectious smile-
Maurice Harris

Birthday Wish 2

The flower blooms to spread its fragrance -to you and me,
The star twinkles to spread its light- to you and me,
Queeny Gona

Happy Birthday

There was a light
there above and around
Sarita Brown

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