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Death Wants More Death

death wants more death, and its webs are full:
I remember my father's garage, how child-like
Charles Bukowski

Easter- The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And The Death Of ..

Lord Jesus Christ has risen from his grave!
The tomb on third day was an empty cave;
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

A Thought For A Lonely Death-Bed

IF God compel thee to this destiny,
To die alone, with none beside thy bed
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Death Is Here And Death Is There

Death is here and death is there,
Percy Bysshe Shelley

A Death-Parting

LEAVES and rain and the days of the year,
(Water-willow and wellaway,)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti

O Death, O Death, Rock Me Asleep

O Death, O Death, rock me asleep,
Bring me to quiet rest;

The Death-Bed

He drowsed and was aware of silence heaped
Round him, unshaken as the steadfast walls;
Siegfried Sassoon

A Death-Bed

This is the State above the Law.
Rudyard Kipling

Death, Inevitable Death

Death, inevitable Death.
So now You come to show Your world,
Mark R Slaughter

A Death-Day Recalled

Beeny did not quiver,
Juliot grew not gray,
Thomas Hardy

Indian Woman's Death-Song

Non, je ne puis vivre avec un coeur brisé® Il faut que je retrouve la joie, et que je m'unisse aux esprits libres de l'air.
Bride of Messina
Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Death O Death

Death O Death
You took my friend away
Samuel Eyitayo

For Death—or Rather

For Death—or rather
Emily Dickinson

Death And Destruction

I see it on the news.
Death and destruction forever cruise.
Michael P. McParland

Death Is... A Compilation Of Death Poetry

Death is when your loved ones must depart
Shenise Ashmeade

Maran-Milan (Death-Wedding)

Why do you speak so softly, Death, Death,
Creep upon me, watch me so stealthily?
Rabindranath Tagore

Of Death

What does a death consist
And who are the one who insist
abhimanyu kumar.s

Death Of Death

Death died death
A tragic death of unusual death
Jacques Sprenkie Mateya

Death's Death

Though Death now seem triumphant, as he waves
His dreadful banner o'er a world of graves,
Alfred Gibbs Campbell

Till Death—is Narrow Loving

Till Death—is narrow Loving—
Emily Dickinson

A Monarch's Death-Bed

A monarch on his death-bed lay -
Did censors waft perfume,
Felicia Dorothea Hemans

Homies Til' Death, Til' Death Homies

Homies til death, til death homies
Growin up how we did we had a lot of good times
Thomas Godfrey

Deathless Death

Taking the first sigh on this planet; a glance around the world;
With your first crying,
Nirmal Kumar Thapa

Young Man's Death

A grey haired man in his 70s; hiding the spring in his step
A thriving man in his 20s; except he is dead
John Anderson

Robbed By Death—but That Was Easy

Robbed by Death—but that was easy—
Emily Dickinson

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