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Dior-Ets, The Body Mass Of Death...

So addicted to transfiguration
th' arteries are slowly cracking
Frank James Ryan Jr

The Alley Of Drugs, Death And Sex

I wake up every night at Johns, it's 3: 16 AM
The window in the room looks down the length of the alley.
James McLain

Death Comes In

My heart is sinking my eyes are blurred
I am the man who is just no more heard
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

Death Of A Story

Far-off from the world,
Wearing the scratches of feelings,
Muzafar Wani

Study Death

Study death. Learn it by heart.
Following to the rules of spelling
Ewa Lipska

068. Death

O Death! how cruel you are!
Why are you so merciless?
Dipankar Sadhukhan


I came and went as I did please,
John Lars Zwerenz

Death Wish

For a very long time now
I have chased Death,
Ravinder Kumar Soni

I Discovered Deathlessness

i discovered deathlessness in a white house
which had clasped blue windows to its chest
Shivangi Mariam

At The First Death

Air is blowing with heavy poisonous smell
Spreading to whole atmosphere
Muzahidul Reza

The Death Rattle Echoes From The East...

Who knew about Isis, ten years ago?
Who knew them even five years ago?
Frank James Ryan Jr

The Black Death

The dark disease
ravages across the
Mazen Youssef

The Second Death

So like the slow moss encroaching, this
dark anxiety. In the bricks
Laura Kasischke

The Death Of Innocence

The Death Of Innocence
There is no innocence left in the world,
Christopher Tye

Street Death

I heard a mother weep again;
her son lay dying in the street.
Barry Middleton

The Heartbeat (At Madiba's Death)

Captain's heart is still strange:
It beats as always, though his body is cold,
Thabo Seseane

I'm Terrified Of Death

What will it be like to not be here
It's impossible to imagine it fills me with fear
Kelvin Rush

Death Is Never Far Away

Death is never far away
Looming closer day by day
Kelvin Rush

Agony Of Death Or Parting

The only leaf of the lone tree falls
Not even a tiny piece of land below
Perundevi Perundevi

Death Grip

Caught me red-handed
Disappearing into him
Maya Hanson

A Willful Kiss To Death

This world goes round illusions, so it seems, we observe
And they coil around us making us helpless, ordinary that we are
Bireswar Halder

Death Of My Better Half.

I feel betrayed
By the clouds

Death 2

the dead are stirring in their graves
their dreams were never realized
Barry Middleton

Death Of A Dream

Death Of A Dream
When I was young dreams could come true,
Christopher Tye

Death - When Someone Dies

When someone dies
It changes things
Paul Warren

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