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Death To Enemy

Death to enemy
Hasmukh Amathalal

When Death Was A Little Boy

When Death was a little boy
no one would play with him.
Michael Nabert

The Nurse, The Deliverer Of Death

Love is an angel of death
It protects you from pain with more pain
Raj Dronamraju

Death - A Silent Winner

It can't be said - how
It can't be explained - why
Siji Manoj

Death Makes Us All Equal And This Is Not A Lie

It is only of those seen to be successful we hear of and read
Their life journey for many to failure does lead
Francis Duggan

The Doomsday Song (For Friedrich Nietzsche - Upon the Deat..

Christian Bök

Daruwalla's Death Of A Bird

All happening under the overhang of crags,
Fierce bird-mating
Bijay Kant Dubey

The Death Of Something Bad

Water cannot parade its self anymore
For the spring of sorrow from whence it sprung
Katusiime Jeresi

Death: The Ultimate Enforcer Of Universal Equality!

By Stanley Collymore
Death is an inescapable occurrence that actually
Stanley Collymore

Death And I, Two Solitary Lovers

Who have met death of lately
And thought it wise to have a chat with her?
Johnson Emmanuel


He keeps on talking about he who has already breathed his last
I have never heard him speak about me, in my company
Vn. Surya

We Are Soulmates ‘til Death.

Bound by loving devotion forever
and holding hands we will stand together.
Royston Allen

After Death

After death,
Everything is finished,
Gajanan Mishra

After Death

All that's left are photo albums & keepsakes.. and a broken record silently echoing thru a chamber. ...
Assorted Thoughts 2.0

The Death

The Death
I would not like to die in winter
Oskar Hansen

On the death of my grendmother (for Joyce Lilias Colquhoun..

On the beach where I live, last Sunday
three children built a man out of sand.
Glenn Colquhoun

Love And Death

We shall rise, I soon forget, as the sun
begin's to set, the moon is brighter yet.
James McLain

The Death Of Tolerance Progressive Reasoning Aka Tpr

Tolerance Progressive Reasoning died on the 8th November 2016
He was a humble human being
Kenneth Maswabi

Even Though I Walk Through The Us Valley Of The Shadow Of ..

A black swan event
Unexpected catastrophe
michael spangenberg

Death, End For All!

With the head of a helicopter dragon flies
Are flying with fluttering gossamer wings!
Ramesh T A

The Timing Of His Death

Sting on stage at the French Bataclan rock-venue
In its first Gig after the deadly terror attacks last year
michael spangenberg

To A Poet That's Near Death

I in all my decadence,
It decides.
James McLain


there is no need for sacrament
or prayer before you visit
rich soos

Death: An Unavoidable Defeat

'We come and we go, ' the saying goes.
Nobody, in their right mind, knows
Hebert Logerie

Angel Of Death

But how,
How can emptiness grow?
Bea Hayden

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