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As I watch the life drain from Rose
I know that death is near
Jacob Wescott

Destroy Death

I know, I have power
To destroy death.
Gajanan Mishra

Death A Common Enemy

Can one write their own obituary?
If lions were pets shall they play with our little ones?
obinna tochi

Crib Death

I want the song of your mouth
to fly over the desert
rich soos

Death In The Forenoon

Death In The afternoon
The field mouse
Oskar Hansen

Grief - The Death Watch

We stand in grief with our own thoughts around the bed
And see the loved one a situation we have all to dread
Paul Warren

Death Hovering Above You

When you are abused as a child
It makes you feel worthless and impure
Nick Kler

On Death (Part 2) .

I am among you.
See my writings.
Peter Vealey

Words Of Life And Death

Words can be like daggers
That wound if not, kill
Paul Sebastian

In The Days Before There Was Death In The World

In the days before there was death in the world
And no one died-
Shalom Freedman

After The Death Of His Wife, Said He That He Would Turn In..

After the death of his wife
Took he the oath
Bijay Kant Dubey

A Happy Death....

i just learned
she has leukemia and

Death Of Intelligible Politics

These days when politicians talk on TV,
I need a PG, for my children,
Gedion Onyango

Death Cannot Be Felt.

Death may be from organ failure.
It can be from a fight or an assault.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Gloria Conquers Death

When rose and jasmine fade before the sunset
how you smile dear Gloria when the stark Death scares!
Rajendran Muthiah

To Be Lost In God Is Our Longing After Death.

When we die we will become naked again
as God created us and sent us to the earth.
Dev Anand

Castro's After Death!

Great deeds are achieved by faith, strength and honor
Never by wickedness, falsehoods or a lie.
Tom Zart


Water parades its self no more
For the spring of sorrow from whence it sprung
Katusiime Jeresi

To Me The Death Penalty Is Murder

Some Governments order the execution of drug runners after they have spent many years in jail
This is their idea of morality through justice but by their actions their ideas they do fail
Francis Duggan


On this,
Vinita Agrawal

Dear Old Death

Dear Old Death
I will fight you

To A Friend Who I'm Told Was Tortured To Death

To A Friend Who I'm Told Was Tortured To Death
after Gabriel Rosenstock's 'To My Husband Who Is Labouring…'
Kerry Shawn Keys

A Happy Reunion During The Death Of Their Mother

when mrs. rabosab died
a picture was taken together

All Auspicious - Death

All auspicious,
But for what,
Gajanan Mishra

Death [3]

Maybe it has a list of names
with the addresses and locations
Gert Strydom

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