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Love Has Gone Bye, Bye! ! !

As my lips were pressed against your own
window's pane of glass...A tear trickled
Michael Gale

Poem About Poetry - Chinese Poets Versus Western Poets

the chinese poet, his characters (calligraphy) help
set out images the western poets
john tiong chunghoo

Bye Bye My Tears

Here i go,
to the world i don't know
Srita Sri


Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
When the wind blows, your cradle will rock
Akara K.

Bye Bye Snowman

The snowmans smile turns into a frown
as he realizes the winter snow is mealting down.
Mia Ocean

Bye Bye

Bye Bye
The day has gone every one is happy.
bethany ford

Bye Bye Soul

seek the pain
need the control
Scarlet .....

Bye And Bye

Shadowy, dreamy phantoms ever rising
Up before wild Fancy's eyes,
George Johnston

Indian English Poets Are Not Born-Poets, But Made

Indian English poets are not poets born
As we can expect for a classic from them,
Bijay Kant Dubey

If Byron Sounds Bygone

If you like to copycat
just go ahead
Madrason writer

Judge Me? Bye Bye

Why judge me?
Judge me just because I’m not like you
Jacob Rudd

Sorry And Bye Bye

When I wrong you
You apologize
Ifeyinwa Ezenyimulu

Sleep Me Bye Bye

Ill just be a ghost of society
Run down and thrown away like another nobody.
Michelle Mawyin

Byron (6th Baron Byron, George Gordon,1788-1824)

How many students d'you know who keep
In their rooms, a real live bear?
Sheena Blackhall

Bye Bye Puppy

today i took me puppy
upon a little walk
Lee Fones

The Lanes And Bye-Lanes All Packed With Poets, Poets And P..

Wherever go you there lie they crowding the space,
I mean the poets, poets and poetesses,
Bijay Kant Dubey

God, Save Me From Poets, Indian English Poets

God, save me, save me from the poets,
Indian English poets and poetesses,
Bijay Kant Dubey

Bye Bye First Love

I never had any experience with boys
You fascinated me— in every shape and every form
Lilia Fer.

2012 American Presidential Election Haiku - Mitt Romney On..

pushing 47
per cent to Obama's
john tiong chunghoo

Bye Bye Prabhu Ram- Rest In Peace Friend!

Tears rolled unknowingly as I saw him
In a permanent sleep and unusual calm
Umasree Raghunath

Let Bygones Be Bygones

What are you looking for?
'There use to be a bridge here,
Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why People Become Poets Poets Dreams

have you ever wondered why people become poets?
poets have been around since the beginning of time
louis rams

Where Do The Poets End And The Would- Be Poets Begin?

Where do the poets end and the would- be- poets begin?
It is with one or two for a generation or even a nation?
Shalom Freedman

The Sound Of Bye Bye

i feel at the last moment
the weirdness of the situation

Bye Bye Dream

It was her eyes, that drew me in
They looked of suffer, with a hint of sin
Dante Taylor

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