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Bye Bye Day

Sweet times are coming
in spring breezy play,
Peter S. Quinn

Some Roads Zigzagged Bylanes

we do keep moving in circles
walk paths
Sumita Jetley

That Door Bybing Hua

That Door
ByBing Hua
Rose Lu (Bing Hua)

It's Not Bye The Bye

By the bye
this small phrase
vince gullaci

Bri, Standing For Poets: [ Short; Honoring Some Outstandin..

Valsa George:
As Valsa George regally passes, I will stand.
Bri Edwards

Lord Byron's Improbable Lament

I longed for a love pure like driven snow,
untouched and virgin, in the age to come;
Ngoc Minh Nguyen

Bye, Bye Bevin

To the governor of Kentucky I will count
From the facts that I have found out,
Randy McClave


Brains and more! !
Yearning always for the works of the truth;
Edward Kofi Louis

Byronic Rhyme And Gulbeyaz

'Gulbeyaz', the Sultana
and Don Juan's third heroine,
Douglas Scotney

The Bylanes Of Memories

we all become predominant
Sumita Jetley

A Byway Off Barham Creek Road

Lonelier that road
No cravings foregoed
james watkin

Reality Bytes

Fame is a quick business
With talent no longer required
Matthew Holloway

Byron's Odd Rhyme

Byron had issues with 'offest':
rhymes we call off
Douglas Scotney

Bye Bye Sidewalk Warrior

another sidewalk warrior gone for good
moved on to a better place
D.J. Ray

Bye Bye Dear Ma'Am

Our class of Shakespeare
simran sanganeria

A Bye Gone Is Bye Gone

I was taken back by many years
They were nice moments of yesteryears
Hasmukh Amathalal

Flower Goes Bye Bye

AwesumPoetPlox Yesiiz

Bye Bye

Do i need to go now?
Am i hurting you?
Jacob Rudd

Bye Bye Darling

Its seem my time is running low, 

so I think that you should know
Leady Rhymes

Of Poets, By Poets

For her this time his rhyme is penned, whose luminous eyes,
Brightly expressive as the twins of sheer, Luna.
James McLain

Let Bygones Be Bygones -Haiku

dwelling on the past
can offer us no repast
2bpositive 2bpositive

Bye, Bye To American Pie

Bye, bye, oh my, to freaks like fry
I may be gone tomorrow,
Herbert Nehrlich

Bye, Bye

To Daddy, To Ma, To Jimmy, To Joseph,
To Bryan, To Raiona, To Cheri-Anne, To Ty
Allysyn Bryant

Bye, Bye Romeo

I am upset by what a flipflop he is,
impressed me as the classic Romeo
Melanie Emikohe

Bye-O-Bumble Bee

I'm sorry Mr. Bumble Bee my bug collections due
And on the list of bugs I need your name is mentioned too.
Sherri Vogel

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