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Bye-O-Bumble Bee

I'm sorry Mr. Bumble Bee my bug collections due
And on the list of bugs I need your name is mentioned too.
Sherri Vogel


Shhhhhhh, I say to you!
Your breath I take away.
Ann Rich

Welcome 0! , Bye Bye…09

What they said
And what they did
Venkatesh M. R.

55. Bygones Are Bygones

Oh, bygones are bygones
And past never meets future;
Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

087. Bygones Are Bygones

Oh, bygones are bygones
And past never meets future;

Bye Bye, You Wretch (Farewell 2008)

Yo,2008, you’re lucky
You’re lucky fate push you out
Leslie Alexis

' Let Bygones Be Bygones.............'

Let bygones be bygones............
Life a meandering tale
fawzia zie

Bye Nungshiba Bye, Come Back Soon

Bye nungshiba bye, come back soon
Song of the the Hangdang-
Lovita J R Morang

Bye Bye Friends.......

I'll miss you all for all my life,
Tiny, tiny joys of life will be gone,
Koushik Poolla

All I Got To Say Is Bye Bye

Why would you do that to me
Date her when you just barley dumped me
jackrabbit krjs

Bye, Bye Hummingbird

The hummingbird wanted to get
To the other side
Connie Webb

Poem About Poetry - Born Poets, Made Poets

born poet, nature's gift
the beauty of god's essence
john tiong chunghoo

Americans! Americans!

Americans! Americans!
Stand Up and Be Heard!
Patricia Martin

Aids (Good Bye, Good Bye)

When I didn’t care
I lost my friends
Edgar John Jackson

On Criticism Of Poets By Other Poets

Critics of other's poetry need be reminded
That it is not a new sport intended,
Sidi J. Mahtrow

Bye Bye My Love

im done looking
cause i found it
Juanita Richardson

Bye Bye Baby

Bye Bye baby
And thanks for the memories
Alex Moore

Bye Bye

Dog was
Watch the sky...
Otteri Selvakumar

Bye Bye Crule World

My heart just broke,
The pain's running through my blood,
Ryin Ramsey

Bye Bye Heron

Bye bye
Aldo Kraas

Bye Bye Baby

Today's the day I went insane,
The day you were taken by that nasty plane.
Daniel Adams

Bye Bye

The sky’s cry
And so do I
Terry Brewer

Bye Bye Taung(A Camp Where I Completed My Matric)

i was taken to you 13/08/2007
you were new to me
antony mndawe

The Poets That Hates Themselves, Are True Poets

I hate everything
Typical, right?
Joshua Tracy

Bye Bye Baby...

It’s so hard... lately worse,
To say goodbye to you,
Melissa Coventry

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