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why is that you and me
talk of after life............
trinity aana

My Life Is Death Six Feet Under

The dark night sky covers my soul.
I dwell in my own world of darkness.
Jean Eugene Guan


What is the eye of the death-face doing?
Is it following the other eye?
Naveed Akram

Death-The Gift Of God

Oh lovely people, why are you afraid to die?
After your owns are gone, why do relentlessly cry?
Somnath Roy

Death Be Death To Some

Death be death to some
But life to those that prospect
Peter S. Quinn

Fear & Other Death-Traps

I am at a loss for words
sometimes too, you know
Nika McGuin

Death In The Temple

The temple
is no place
Kim Barney

Song: Death-Defying Love!

Within my brain, no senses higher,
Unlock the chains of mad desire.
Dave SmithWhite

Beautiful Death

Thabani Khumalo

Random Thoughts Xix (Death)

Some one said-
We are standing in departure hall.
Savita Tyagi

Death, A One-Time Friend

Who is that friend who'll come to you
In times of grief, in times of woe
Pacific Hernandez

Subfusc  death

(Dedicated to the known
John Carnegie Vavasseur Fisher 
Rachel Ann Butler

Deathstalker Acrostic

Deadly is his sting
Especially vulnerable are children
Kim Barney

Black Flags Of Death And Destruction

Daily, on the television news casts we see,
and also on Christian TV.
Roxanne Dubarry

Death Before The Death

The body is living
I am dead
Udaya R. Tennakoon

At The Moment Of My Death

At the moment of my death,
where will my soul go?
Dr. Antony Theodore

Deathly Visit

Death made a visit today
Alone they sit and pray
Billy Loving

Death Is Not Death

By birth I journeyed here.
By Death I shall return,
Rex mayor Ubini

Soldier's Death

He fell dying
Bloody on a foreign battlefield
Colin Ian Jeffery

Death-A Trurh Of Truth

now my soul is going to depart from my body
I am going to be someone's good or bad memory
Fatima Obaid


We are the fallen leaves
Someday it might ignite the fire!
Alavi Maliha

At Thy Death

Life blues in Eternity
Or departs earthly glow
Pijush Biswas

From Death Comes Life

' Oh young Son '
I know you have gone
alex sarich

Death Of A Crane

It was a Devi temple
In my native town
Madathil Rajendran Nair

The Death-Row

In the dungeon an electric chair waited
For who exactly I do not know
Tony Adah

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