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The Death-Row

In the dungeon an electric chair waited
For who exactly I do not know
Tony Adah

Neither Could Life Stop Death; Neither Could Death Stop Li..

Neither could rain stop abominably heartless drought whenever it is destined; nor could any drought in anyways put brakes upon bountifully utopian rain; whenever its inevitable time comes by the grace of God and it is majestically destined,
Neither could truth stop horrifically demented lies whenever it is destined; nor could any lies in anyways put brakes upon triumphantly unflinching truth; whenever its inevitable time comes by the grace of God and it is bounteously destined,
Nikhil Parekh

Reflections On The Death Of A Friend

The world sits and spins like a clay lump thrown,
pinched and pulled into a simple urn,
C.D. Sinex

'To Death! ! ...To Death! ! '

Dead penalty, old question, law is wrong or right?
When a person kills someone, must pay with life?
Pietro Grossi

Death-A Joy For Us

the boring class was going to start
no hope of missing the lecture was there
Fatima Obaid

About Death

I don't know much about death.
I can tell you how powerful the body
Subhadip Bhattacharya

As Death Is Near

as death is drawing near
then what am I to say
Barry Middleton

Too Soon, Death

Death…, I know.
Tim Labbe

A Quiet Death

she only wanted grace
searching for it in prayer
Barry Middleton

What Does A Cricket Know Of Death?

What does a cricket know of death?
In his leaping heart a meadows weft
Mark Heathcote

Poetry Is Like Facing Death By Firing Squad...

Poetry is like facing death by firing squad
It's like finding your sea legs
Mark Heathcote

Death Is Finality Or A New Eternity Death Will Judge?

death for some is a release from agony
many face agony before their death
Terence George Craddock (afterglows ec ..

Life And Death Are Twine

Life and death are twine
Inseparable amazing twin
Sherif Monem

Death-The Absolute King Of Optimism.

Wasn't it only because of the fear of ghoulishly crucifying death- inevitably approaching you anytime; that you lived each instant of your life like the most ultimate of king; relished every puff of free air in the colossal atmosphere?
Wasn't it only because of the fear of tumultuously asphyxiating death -inevitably approaching you anytime; that you lived each instant of your life like the most brazen tip of the mountain; wholesomely letting the waves of titillating adventure whistle past your aroused skin?
Nikhil Parekh

A Death More Horrific Than What Death Could Ever Be

I didn't know whether to plunge into the well of treacherously vindictive scorpions; or whether to hang myself insanely upside down from the cadaverously gleaming gallows,
I didn't know whether to chop my skull into an infinite fragments with the merciless butcher knife; or whether to let every conceivable parasite on this boundless planet to uninhibitedly suck blood from my derogatorily diminishing veins,
Nikhil Parekh

Between Life And Death

Tiny is the thread
That links life and death
Timothy Faboade

Death And Renewal

Death and renewal, seen close up and personal
Is fascinating—see an ancient forest?
Mark Heathcote

Death Will Always Remain Death

Lies will always remain treacherously lambasting Lies.
Whether you place it on the absolute epitome of the handsomely invincible Everest; or whether you place it amidst the most bountifully proliferating of soil; makes not even the slightest of difference.
Nikhil Parekh

On-The-Spot Death-Without A Helmet.

These were the same hands that compassionately traced his royally new-born smile; till the absolute ends to where it uninhibitedly stretched on
his majestically enamoring face,
Nikhil Parekh

War - Ww2 - Bmw Regrets Working Slave Labourers To Death I..

So BMW regret working people to death during World War Two
Not feeding them properly, sheltering them and long hours too
Paul Warren

My Dad In His Death-Throes

I thought I'd saved him from pneumonia;
But other lung got infected bit late;
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

Life After Death

A dead man has no sustain!
Chan Mongol


In a dream came a stranger
all in black and smiling.
Barry Middleton

Death To Reality

Death to the universe
death to the stars
Sheldon Carruthers

Death On The Fringe

The older I get,
the louder the Muse does parade
Kurt Philip Behm

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