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Daryl May Who Stole Cars And Burned To Death

The chief defect of Daryl May,
was taking and driving away.
Tony Carp

Story Of My Death

Last night clock stroked 9: 33
Death knocked the door of my isolated room
Moahammad Maleki

The Unbearable Pain Of Death

Death brings an unbearable pain
Proving that everything done on earth is in vain
Hebert Logerie

Sentence Me To Death

Not another letter,
not another breath.
Ken Bennight

Life Is Death

life is a bird with broken wings
that cannot fly into the sky
Imafidon Mac Henry

The Death Of A Wandering Muse

Her footsteps sounded softly against the dirt road—
The dirt road where seedlings used to be sowed—
Franchesca Mia Tortoza

The Death Of Democracy

A dog with some food
In its mouth hardly barks
Tony Adah

At The Death Of A German

by M. Eminescu (1850-1889)
Let the bell cry fast with its copper sound.
Peter Mamara

Death 3

Edward Kofi Louis

At The Death Of Prince Stirbei

by M. Eminescu (1850-1889)
The towers toll in mourning their bells of bronze,
Peter Mamara

Metaphysics And Death

Spiritual death doesn't send shivers down believers' spines
Though in metaphysical terms, spiritual death inflicts fatal effects
John Sensele

Death Advice

Do not cry;
there must be no tears
Raj Arumugam

Monoku- 244 (Once Who Has Tasted Death)

once who has tasted death considers life more colourful ...

A Beatiful Death(Question Mark)

I close my eayes and dream
Of a beatiful death
Vilius Vai

No Death In The House

I wish I die outside the house I built
With the body not brought to the house
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.


I witnessed your death
Thousand times in my head
Vilius Vai

At Death

Death came and lay down by my side
I tried to hide from his kiss of death,
Gerry Legister

Just Before Death

You gave food to me when I needed food,
you gave water to me when I needed it,
Akhtar Jawad

A Visit At Far Death Hospital

Cold like people that live only for themselves
as if any other person is cut-off
Gert Strydom

Death Spares None.......

Observe your daily life,
Is it useful?
Kashmeera Sambamurthy

The Death Of A Tree

There was a big tree in our locality,
Supported ecosystem of the society.

Death Is Not The End

Death is not the end,
But life, out of our sight.
Gajanan Mishra

Kiss Of Life Not Of Death

K-iss of life not of death,
A-s the blessing not the curse;
Bernard F. Asuncion


I was a moss … died
Then I took birth as a plant … died
Asit Kumar Sanyal

Death After Life

While still alive, look as dusk closes in
the moon light on my face, could not be felt.
James McLain

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