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Game Of Ladder And Death

It is not wrong building stair
With no basement, in the air.
Tarun Ram Kanuri

After Death

Wait…I will walk in a slow pace,
Do not ask me to scuttle into a race.
Bireswar Halder

Death Trap

In no nook, no cranny, you're safe,
Dear woman, death-trap lures you always
Bireswar Halder

Haiku For Certain Death...

A Modern-Contemporary Haiku
with the employment of Trad-
Frank James Ryan Jr

Vulture Waiting For My Death

Vultures those feed on my flesh
Tulsi Shrestha

In This World Of Death

In this world of death
Each one is struggling,
Gajanan Mishra

About Death

Birth is a finite pain
A labour of love that ends with a beginning
Sheena Blackhall

Death Sighing

Infatuated with beauty
standing on a peak

The Trophy Of Death

O' those painful moments of life
how they discard us from our own
Jacson Gelato

Death Is Stalking Me

Death is stalking me.
It watches me play cards,
Thomas W. Case

Still I Want Death

I know not
What is life
Gajanan Mishra


Densely condensed night,
Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Monoku...279 [ Death And Time ]

death and time run pari passu ...

The Death Of A Single Tree

The death of a single tree saddens me
Oak, yew, pine or ash, Dutch elm disease
Mark Heathcote

Peace, Death, Truth

Though, within,
Gajanan Mishra

My Love Has No Death

My life is filled with emptiness
Dullness, grimness and darkness.
Lendsy Salcedo

Deathless Deaths

Memories tangled with incessant thoughts of my mind
Breeding misery within the walls of my skin
Paras Saxena

Why Life And Death?

The soul departs from the body at an unexpected time
Against all speculations and calculations of experts ever!
Ramesh T A

Life And Death- All Temporary

Life and death - all temporary
And all are passing over us.
Gajanan Mishra

Death In A Dream

Have you ever found yourself laying sleeplessly in bed wondering if death would come for you in the midst of your dreams. And you would never wake up ...
Shkotz Shpatzir

What Happens To The Soul Post Bodily Death

What happens to the soul post bodily death who is to say
Does it enter the brain of one to be born into the World or go to a World far away
Francis Duggan

Until The Sun Burns Out To Death

Until the sun burns out to death
And the moon wear off its veil,
S.M. Samir Salman Shishir

As Death Named Mathew Lumber's Our Way

And death should have been it's name and
death has been left behind.
James McLain

I'd Kill Death

Adolphus Moses

It Is The Fear Of Death That I Only Do Fear

That i am going to die to me obviously clear
But it is the fear of death i only does fear
Francis Duggan

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