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Section A In September 2016 …a Showcase For P H Poets …. ..

Are the poems included here the 'Very Best'?
I know of no way, such a theory, ever to test.
Bri Edwards

Section B In September 2016 …a Showcase For P H Poets …. [..

[[I REPEAT: Section B In September 2016 …a Showcase For P H Poets …. [to Each Her/His Own; Time: It's Limitations; Personal Preference; Giving And Receiving; Usually-Monthly Display]..............I, Bri, just noticed, on September 22, that I made one of the common errors of using 'It's' when I should have used 'Its' in the extended title of this Section B poem! ! ! ! ...........did no one else notice! ? ? I'll change it now. ha ha.]]
Are the poems included here the 'Very Best'?
Bri Edwards

Address To My Infant Daughter, Dora On Being Reminded That..

--HAST thou then survived-
Mild Offspring of infirm humanity,
William Wordsworth

Sonnet Xxi. Sacred To The Memory Of Edward Spedding, Who ..

This side the brow of yon sea--bounding hill
There is an alley overarched with green,
Henry Alford

The Lark Ascending. Some Thoughts From An English Churchya..

Through autumns slow warmth
michael oliver

The Crossing - Mid-Atlantic On Tuesday, September 24th 185..

I needed to know who you were,
The neglected and hidden child,
Keith Johnson

A Showcase For P H Poets: September 2015: Section 'a'.... ..

the previous announcement (deleted now) was 'just a joke'
Bri Edwards

The Idler’s Calendar. Twelve Sonnets For The Months. Sep..

The only saint in all our calendar
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802

Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
William Wordsworth

September, The First Day Of School

My child and I hold hands on the way to school,
Howard Nemerov

Elegy In April And September

Hush, thrush! Hush, missen-thrush, I listen...
I heard the flush of footsteps through the loose leaves,
Wilfred Owen

September On Jessore Road

Millions of babies watching the skies
Bellies swollen, with big round eyes
Allen Ginsberg


1 The golden-rod is yellow;
2 The corn is turning brown;
Helen Hunt Jackson

September Song

born 19.6.32 - deported 24.9.42
Undesirable you may have been, untouchable
Geoffrey Hill

September Midnight

Lyric night of the lingering Indian Summer,
Shadowy fields that are scentless but full of singing,
Sara Teasdale

On An Apple-Ripe September Morning

On an apple-ripe September morning
Through the mist-chill fields I went
Patrick Kavanagh

The Eighth Of September

This day, Today, was a brimming glass.
This day, Today, was an immense wave.
Pablo Neruda


WHAT need you, being come to sense,
But fumble in a greasy till
William Butler Yeats

September 1961

This is the year the old ones,
the old great ones
Denise Levertov

Photograph From September 11

They jumped from the burning floors—
one, two, a few more,
Wislawa Szymborska

Late September

The mail truck goes down the coast
Carrying a single letter.
Charles Simic

September Changes

September is like no other
It's days change color and weather
Jessica Millsaps

September, 1918

This afternoon was the colour of water falling through sunlight;
The trees glittered with the tumbling of leaves;
Amy Lowell

September 1, 1939

I sit in one of the dives
On Fifty-second Street
WH Auden

September 1, 1802

WE had a female Passenger who came
From Calais with us, spotless in array,--
William Wordsworth

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