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Search Tips

The searches are made for the records that contain ALL of the words you write. But, if a record that contains all the words you provided cannot be found, then the records that contain AT LEAST ONE of the words you provide will be searched. For example if you search for the words “Allan Poe”, first the records that contain both the words Allan and Poe will be searched and listed. If there is no record that contains these words together, then the documents will be listed for the any of the words “Allan” and “Poe”. Of course, the records that contain both words will be placed at the top of the list.

The records are rated according to factors such as the number of occurrences, how close the words are and they are sorted from the highest point to the lowest.

The words that contain the word you give at its beginning will also be searched. For example, if you write “horse”, the records that contain “horses” will also be found.

The search is case insensitive. Writing “Allan Poe” or “ALLAN POE” will not change the results; you will see the same records.

When you search for more than one word, the arrangement of the words is not important. Writing “Allan Poe” or “Poe Allan” will not change results.

Do not use conjunctions such as OR, AND in your searches.

Do not use apostrophes or quotation marks in your searches.

Words such as “a”, “an”, “the” will be ignored in the searches.

If more than 1000 records that match your criteria are found, only the best 1000 records are listed; the rest is not listed.

To find the poems you search easier

Be as specific as possible. If you are searching for a poem, write as much of the words in it as you can. If you do a search such as “Sunny day”, you will probably see thousands of poems.

If you know the name of the poet, you can first search for the poet and then try to reach the poem from his/her poem list.

While surfing on PoemHunter.Com, if you come up with the poems that you like and would like to read again later, record them to MyFavoritePoems list. By doing so, you can reach the poems you like by a single click.