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Alexander Povolotsky :
Hero is a person, who failed to find anyone to hide behind his back. Soundly unlucky loser is unlucky even in his sleep. Geniuses are counted by single digit numbers, while mediocrities are countless. Even one, born in the jacket, may end his life in the rags of a beggar. Man, who came down to the point, no longer wants to change the world. While crossing the field of life do not expect to see the note: 'Checked, there are no mines.' Material wealth multiplies by its accumulation, while spiritual - by its distribution. From the perspective of a miser, life is a waste of money. Nobody mows the grass of oblivion. Envy has a sideways glance and a wry smile. If you are lost, do not try to find yourself in others. It is better to fancy self as an unrecognized genius rather than to be considered as a qualified idiot. All vices of a 'son of a bitch' are stemmed from his fatherlessness. The smaller the content, the more the plasticity of the form. The well-known aphorisms come only from the narrow circle of known persons. The fish rots from the head, while Civilization - in its art. Life is a spoiled roulette, where the ball, no matter how to spin it, always falls on the zero mark. Sisyphus also worked tirelessly. Woe is just badly forgotten happiness. Last precaution - it is when someone throws himself into the abyss, wearing a stone around his neck. Odysseus returned home because he had nowhere else to go. While soul searching do not try to talk heart to heart with a zombie... The authenticity of gold could be tested on any tooth, while the truth of life - only by the tooth of wisdom. Baggage of conscience can not be put into the storage chamber before entering the gates of paradise. The problem with what end, obtuse or acute, it is better to break the egg, is not worthy of this very damn egg. When someone's soul aches like from a cat scratching, that someone wants to howl like a wolf. Perfection of the scoundrel is evaluated by the measure of his completeness. The indigent one never tastes the bitterness of loss. Usually people do not forget what really would be good to forget - instead, they forget what it would be advisable to remember. Moral values have a rather low price, but there are always for sale and also they are sold at a large discount. If fortune turned her back on you, it just means that she wants to change the pose. Deep thought - it is like the water in the sea: some are drowning in it, while others just float on the surface. Moony - is a person for whom there is no place under the sun. The use of poor-quality spiritual food poisons the soul. Life is a gift that in the future must be sent back. Anyone, who asks too many questions, will answer for it. In the Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, things went awry. The doctor prescribed the patient eternal rest. People have mastered the skill of breaking hearts much earlier, before they have learned how to split the atomic nucleus. In the East, it is a shame to expose the body, and in the West - the soul. For his intellectual superiority one pays by his loneliness. 'There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous' and there is just one fall from a high stand to low. One was considered as an insignificant talent - though he was a connoisseur of science of 'small quantities'. The sum of mediocrities does not add up to being great. The torch of Truth shines warmth of his inner light, while everything else is capable only of the cold reflection. Some ask questions to learn more, others - to be recognized. If the 'Maiden of love' would not melt, she would become the Snow Queen. Do not halloo with a cuckoo. The verdict of the destiny is final and is not appealable. Achilles, do not get up on pointe! Gray dove 'faded' out of the nest... and became blue. One can earn credibility just by theft. Happiness is awaited, while misfortune comes without invitation. We expect happiness like manna from heaven, while trouble is falling like snow on the head. Some memories connect us to people from the past as a bridge, while other separates as a wall. 'Lips of infant speaketh the truth, ' but this truth is usually taken as sophomoric... Modern science recognizes the existence of laws of nature, but it denies the existence of their legislator. Man lost in a fantasy world, eats fruits of his own imagination. The last desire of a clown - to make Death laugh. In Tatar-Mongols language darkness means ten thousand, while in Russia it has no number. In love, as in politics, elected are praised, but, for some reason, only in politics they talk about re-elected. There are always less pearls than pigs. Do not look for a double bottom in flat thoughts. Integrity - is a burden from which, if one carries it, it is difficult to get rid of. Sometimes we passionately want to be understood by others, but more often - we dread it. As Caesar should behave, there are many different opinions, but all agree that Caesar's wife must be above the slightest suspicion. To the question: 'How to establish paternity at the Immaculate Conception? ' - Science responds with the rhetorical question: 'Only God knows! '. One can outdo himself only by transgressing over his dead body. The speed of time is dimensionless and, therefore, is absolutely relative. To look younger than his age, one just have to fly in a dream with a speed close to the speed of light. Set aside the concern about the future until tomorrow. The Force of Destiny does not obey Newton's law. Those who live life looking back, do not see the future ahead. As it may sound absurd, the way of life - is the distance, measured in years of experience. The nature protects human from unnecessary suffering, giving them the opportunity to forget the past, and by not giving them an opportunity to see the future. Man grows over itself, rising up to the sky on stairs of good deeds. Carmen seduced Toreador and, since then, for Circe of all kinds - preying on Bullfighters was very enviable. We all to Esmeraldas sincerely swear in love to the grave but have chosen wives of Flor de Lis' type. We can not say that slutty was Carmen, but always wind of change blew into her sails. Not surprisingly, the bitten to death themes are often sore ones. One may suffer even not being in love, because even sense of humor at times may not be shareable. Dreams are given to man in order to emphasize the emptiness of real life. When dreams are more interesting than life - it is a symptom of unhappiness. Love's blasphemy is above all religions. The fate of men's is ruled by Rock: Love as the everything else has a stamp of expiration. Weeds grow in wastelands of the intellectual impotence verbiage. Human life is akin to a business trip, it is a trifle, empty trash, where the length between the arrival and departure are counted in the Heavenly Office as one day only.
[Alexander Povolotsky (Aka PrinceAlexander)]
Elm- the wisdom - elm -e-mokashfa is called Elme-e- batin! It purifies your heart/mind! It saves your Elme-e-Jaher(xternal) ! Jahir+ baten make you Alim(wise) ! You need Jahiri corrections from books and Teachers! Can't avoid the Batini correction form a Kamel wali! Otherwise only wos woasa is created in the Mind! Jahiri(xternal) Elm doesn't give Hal or zozba! Asheki Elm/Bateni Elm is the real elm! It only shows the Real way to Allah! It removes the Rust of Gomrahi(moody) ! It removes the Greed of worldly things! It gives the fear of Allah and Muhabbat(love) for Him! Elm becomes SNAKE if it works on the body! Elm becomes Friend when it works on the mind! Need not Batini Eslah(correction) ? ? ? You can get Elme batin if you don't have PRIDE! If you are after the world and always on your won will; you can't get Batin! Which Elm is Farj? Elm of the Holy Quran and holy Hadis! Amols of Baten are also farj! Avoidance of Ria(showy mood) , pride, arrogance, greed and taking ikhlas are Amols(activity) of Batin! Without Allah's order nothing can even move! Allah is ever free and forgives whoever he likes and torture whoever he wishes! And last of all- -Jaheri ibadat(xternal practices of reigion/prayers) gives you one Quality! Batini ibadat gives you 99 qualities! The Holy QURAN says: : 'If you are truthful believer, then depend on (tawaak-kul) Allah! ' ‘If you worship him then, do praise of (shokr/ gratitudes) Him! ' ‘Have patience (sobr) , and except Allah's help you can't make patience (sobr) ! ' ‘Cutting all relations, rush to Him(ALLAH) ! ' So SOBR, SHOKR, TOWAAK-KUL, IKHLAS, RIZA, KANAYAT, TASLIM, TAW-BAH - these Qualities are related with mind (dil/ heart/moods) - -And have to be acquired! Some bad Qualities have to be left- -ANGER, HASAD, RIA, PRIDE, ARROGANCE, LONG-WISH! Elme mokashafa/ Elme batin/Elme siir- Farj! It is the Highest Door of Elm! it is the Elm for the Siddikin and the Mukarrabin! Elme batin is a Noor that is acquired by nek(good/fair) amols(practices) and riyajat(avoidance or perseverance) ! It gives you the knowledges of reality of things and Allah's zaat-sifat (quality or species) and works! 'After Jahir Elm and Eslah we need Batin Elm and Eslah! If not then there is possibility of being Faasik (mischievous) ! ' 'Those who have corrected Jahir and Batin; They are Real Alim and wali! ' 'One who has pride even a pin head will not get The Noor(light) of Elm-e-Batin! ' 'Satan's Reality is revealed by Elm-e-Batin! ' 'Taharat of Jaher gives 1 quality but Taharat of batin gives 99 qualities! ' 'Elm-e-Batin is a Noor that comes down to a pure Heart to teach you hidden matters! ' 'Elm-e-Jahir only gives wos-wasa but Elm-e-Baten gives Hakikot(reality) of hidden Matters! ' 'Elm-e-Baten takes you to the way of Allah, brushes away the rust of Gomrahi, sweeps away the Earthly greed and wishes; and after all brings Allah's Muhab-bat and fear! ' 'When Elm works on your body, it becomes a snake but when it works on your heart, it becomes a FRIEND! ' 'Allah gives him Elm-e-deen whom he loves and I am(Muhammas SM) the Distributor and Allah tawala is owner of it! ' 'When a man dies, His all Amols stop except Sadkah-e-Jariah(permanent donation) , effective Elm and Nek-ker issues(good sons n daughters) ! ' 'One that takes a path to acquire knowledge, Allah ta-waala makes his way easy to go to Jannat! ' 'The house of Allah ta'waala where people gather to learn THE HOLY QURAN, its reciting Allah ta'waala's blessing comes down there, blessing encircle them, angels surround them and Allah ta'waala talks about them to his near people! ' 'During the last Zamana(ages) , Allah will not snatch away Elm but Alem-e-Haq; Even there will remain no amols, Then people will go to the Jahel(ignorant) leaders and ask about mas-lah of shoriyat and the Fakes will give Fatwaa(verdict) without really knowing of them! ' 'Alims are not inheritance of Diner or Dirham(money) but Of Elm; one who takes Elm, He takes the Greater part! ' 'To Satan one Alim is harder than 1000 Abed! ' 'One that acquires Elm to take pride, to quarrel with an illiterate and to attract people for money and respect; Allah will set him in the Hell! ' 'One that gives explanation of the Holy Quran as per his own imagination, He should search his place in the hell! ' 'If His explanation is right; still he is a sinner! ' 'One that dies on the way to revive the Deen, The difference between He (alim) and a Nabi(messenger of Allah peace for them) is only one Door! ' 'One hour of practicing Elm is equal to practicing Ibadat whole Night! ' 'In Akhri Zamana(last ages) , One person will be called a Fokih, if he learns 40 hadis for well-being of all! ' 'My satisfaction is for him who publishes what he learns from me without increasing or decreasing! ' 'Allah is the best Donor and I(Muhammad SM) am the best of Adom (AS) 's sons; He is the best after me who learns Elm-e-Deen and publishes; During Kiyaa-mat He will arrive like a Ameer of a group of people! ' 'Zobbol Hojjon is a Canal in the Jahan-nam where a showy Holy Quran reciter will be set in! ' 'One who Learns Elm-e-deen without the view of satisfying Allah, He should seek his place in the hell! ' 'After getting up from bed in the morning; at least studying a chapter of elm-e-deen is better than all things of the Earth! ' 'Elm-e-deen is a store house and Question is a key; Reward for it to 4 kinds of people; questioner, listener, Alim and those who keep muhabbat (love) with him! ' 'To go to the gathering of an Alim is better than 1000 rakat of salat, visiting 1000 patients or attending 1000 janaja salat! ' 'Searching Elm-e-deen is better than any nafl(voluntary) ibadat(prayer) ! ' 'If any person gets hida-yat(way to Allah's path) by you, it is better than the Earth or all goods of the Earth! ' 'One who learns Elm-e-deen, practices it, and teaches people of it, and then it will be counted as great work in the Angel's Kingdom! ' 'One who learns one chapter of Elm-e-deen to teach people, he will get reward of 70 Shaheed-e-deen! ' 'One who hides elm-e-deen from people, during kiyamat day Allah will set a reign of fire for him! ' 'It is better than 1 Year Ibadat, if you learn 1Nek word, practice and preach! ' 'Of two gatherings, one is Learning Elm-e-deen the other is supplicating; Teaching a person is better than supplicating as it teaches unknowing people; And I'm a teacher (preacher) too! (He Muhammad SM) went to the first gathering and sat there) ! ' 'Listeners are sometimes better than the preachers' 'Allahum-ma inni aoojubika min ilmil la ianfaoo wa kwalbil la iaakh shaoo wa duail la iasmaoo wa innil la tadmaoo wa nafsil la Tash-baoo'! (Edited 16 MAY 2015)
[people want to say they know many things mainly of religions but are not interested to be a real religious persons as they don't know how to correct themselves or why to correct them! !]
Manohar Bhatia :
Quotations on Love: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 1) If you have not learnt the {'art'} of love, then you will be unsuccessful in life. 2) Except true love, there is a {price} tag on everything in life. 3) Love has many pitfalls; a {gamble} has one. 4) Between the lover and the gambler, its usually the latter who {wins}. 5) {Law} of life is plain and simple: 'live and let live' 6) Why is there so much {war} between the man and the woman? May be love is not enough. 7) Love is the biggest {casualty} in war. 8) Whenever you are expecting anything {exciting}, you will have love for that thing. 9) A person can be loved by {either} his face, temperament or his works. 10) There is no {satisfaction} level for love. 11) The more you love, the more {beautiful} you become. 12) Love can happen in many {ways}. 13) Physical love, like an embrace, a kiss is far more satisfying than love shown by {gesture}. 14) Love is like a {pillar}; the taller the love, the taller the pillar. 15) There is much {hatred} in the world, because there is no love in the world. 16) If you want love to {happen}, it can be established by trial and error. 17) Love that comes {suddenly} is a love from God, but love developed by trial and error is by man. 18) Humanity can be wired by internet; a man and woman in love can be wired by {thoughts}. 19) One who loves {music} loves life, because music is life. 20) You should not shower true love on your man, only on the basis of his {achievements}. 21) Love has never {known} any logic, calculations or manipulations. 22) True love will come from the {core} of your heart. 23) Divided love can leave a {vacuum} in your beloved. 24) Love among the family members should not be based on the number of medals won or personal goals achieved, but rather it should be out of {kinship}. 25) Different faces, different tribes, different colors, different habits, different way of thinking, but one common {emotion} __ Love. 26) While lust is an animal emotion, love is a {spiritual} emotion. 27) If there is no {bonding} between father and son, then love cannot bloom. 28) You can built up your {personality}, if somebody offers you love continuously. 29) If you cannot make your partner {feel} the love, then your love is fake. 30) Good {behavior} between the couples does not mean they are in love.
[These are my original quotations and these have come about by walking on the road, traveling, watching any episode on TV, by conversations with a group of friends or just sitting on a chair and reading a book.One of the important discoveries made by me in writing anything in English is to show a word in my sentence as a 'link' to the entire quotation.I have been informed by many of my friends that this is the 'first' time ever anyone has dared to bracket that word; I had done that in each of my quotation by curly bracketing that word as a link to my entire quotation. Manohar Bhatia.]
Warren Falcon :
Admit you are no good at numbers. Admit you can only count to a certain sum, or down to it. Reverse your life if you want to, wind it down with a memory. Beef up the end. Noble or not, you can fake it. Planning is what counts for indemnity. You can make it seem to make sense. You can try a new line on every stranger you meet. You've only begun to juggle Euclid anew under white lids painted shut with mortician's abacus. You know a new counting accounting for fainter signs, new ground to flick numbers between your teeth. What's left behind is now wrong.
[from ' Autumnal Math']
John Milton :
She, as a veil down to the slender waist, Her unadorned golden tresses wore Dishevelled, but in wanton ringlets waved As the vine curls her tendrils, which implied Subjection, but required with gentle sway, And by her yielded, by him best received, Yielded with coy submission, modest pride, And sweet, reluctant, amorous delay. Nor those mysterious parts were then concealed: Then was not guilty shame: dishonest Shame Of Nature's works, Honour dishonourable.
[John Milton (1608-1674), British poet. Paradise Lost (l. Bk. IV, l. 304-314). OBS. The Complete Poetry of John Milton. John T. Shawcross, ed. (1963, rev. ed. 1971) Doubleday.]
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Anne Sexton :
And I threw a little earth on the pink coffin covered by the fake plastic grass and said O.K., God, if it's the end of the world, it must be necessary.
[Anne Sexton (1928-1974), U.S. poet. "The Sea Corpse."]
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Anne Sexton :
The hat I was married in, will it do? White, broad, fake flowers in a tiny array. It's old-fashioned, as stylish as a bedbug, but it suits to die in something nostalgic.
[Anne Sexton (1928-1974), U.S. poet. "Clothes."]
Samuel Taylor Coleridge :
And what if all of animated nature Be but organic Harps diversely framed, That tremble into thought, as o'er them sweeps Plastic and vast, one intellectual breeze, At once the Soul of each, and God of all?
[Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), British poet. The Eolian Harp (l. 45-49). . . Oxford Anthology of English Literature, The, Vols. I-II. Frank Kermode and John Hollander, general eds. (1973) Oxford University Press (Also published as six paperback vols.: Medieval English Literature, J. B. Trapp, ed.; The Literature of Renaissance England, John Hollander and Frank Kermode, eds.; The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century, Martin Price, ed.; Romantic Poetry and Prose, Harold Bloom and Lionel Trilling, eds.; Victorian Prose and Poetry, Lionel Trilling and Harold Bloom, eds.; Modern British Literature, Frank Kermode and John Hollander, eds.).]
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Marge Piercy :
The token woman carries a bouquet of hothouse celery and a stenographer's pad; she will take the minutes, perk the coffee, smile like a plastic daisy and put out the black cat of her sensuous anger to howl on the fence all night.
[Marge Piercy (b. 1936), U.S. poet, novelist, and political activist. "The Token Woman," lines 4-9 (1976).]
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Calder Willingham :
Mr. Maguire: I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Benjamin: Yes, sir. Mr. Maguire: Are you listening? Benjamin: Yes, I am. Mr. Maguire: Plastics.
[Calder Willingham (1923-1995), U.S. screenwriter, and Buck Henry (b. 1930), U.S. screenwriter. Mr. Maguire (Walter Brooke), Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman), The Graduate, at Benjamin's college graduation party (1967).]
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