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A Song Of Man

We argued,
a lady and I
Nikola Vaptsarov


Live or die, but don't poison everything…
Well, death's been here
Anne Sexton

Infernal Regret

GOD: Mr. Shabbir Ahmad.
SHABBIR: Yes, my Lord-God?

And Should I Ask Forgiveness

And should I ask forgiveness, who do I ask it of
and for what, being unredemptively what I must be?
Patrick White

Hopkins At The Window

Past darkness he pitches bits of plaster.
Bats wobble and dart. My eyes are small
Shara Lessley

The Good Swineherd

As a farmer’s boy in Cheshire back in the 1950s
I read the Bible extensively with the Scripture Union
Keith Johnson

Exaggerated Pregnancy

Every night I
dream to have
Laura arwen

A Writer Who Writes Not Knowing Why

That my parents were Irish immigrants is probably the most significant factor in my writing life. The English expelled my father from Ireland around 1920 at age 18 or so for running guns for the IRA. My mother was an illegal immigrant who somehow got on a different ship around the same time and ended up in Harlem. Nice people took her to her cousin's place elsewhere in New York. She too was 18. The year may have been 1924. Hunger motivated her to leave.
Words were everything in the home I was raised in. Words flew around the house at times like butterflies; other times like missiles. My father launched most of them. My mother said little.
Donal Mahoney

Mike Fitzgibbons And His Morning Paper

For 35 years, Mike Fitzgibbons had never missed a day driving off at 4 a.m. to buy the newspaper at his local convenience store. Snow, sleet, hail or rain couldn't stop him. There was only one paper being published in St. Louis at the time but Mike was addicted to newspapers. He had spent his early years reading four papers a day in Chicago- two in the morning and two in the evening. He worked for one of them and enjoyed every minute of it. However, an opportunity to earn more money as an editor for a defense contractor required his large family's relocation to St. Louis. Mike needed more money to feed a wife and seven children.
'Words are words, ' Mike said at the time. 'Being paid more money to arrange words for someone else seems like the right thing to do.'
Donal Mahoney

Seven Ages Of Woman

With Apologies to William Shakespeare
All the world's a stage
John Knight


Some people are easy going
and some are so uptight.
Edwina Reizer

Ireland On A Sunny Day!

Ireland on a Sunny Day!
Ross DixPeek

This Palm, This Ax, This Feather

Following the rains,
Aspen rise as knitted smoke,
Robert Rorabeck

My Extroverted Self Against My Introverted Mind

My mind pulls that way
Choosing solitude against worldly pleasures
Kenneth Maswabi

Win Vs Lose

Win is difficult
However give up easily.

My Sister My Goddess

was beautiful,
all soft-soap and golden curls set right.
Sunshine Rose

Oh Night

O, Night! How I love thy thunderous silence
And thy busy stillness.
Stephanie Savage


You can’t hurry love, they say,
but shortcuts may be taken,
gershon hepner

Many-Faced Love.

Facets of affection fluctuate ascetically,
undulate from mere fondness
Fay Slimm

Existentially Painting Love Original 01 14 2011

Original 01 14 2010
Lee B. Mack

The Forest

The first act begins, as the sun bursts through the canopy,
Each beam like a distant star; set in an emerald sky,
Daniel P Martin

Soap On A Rope

She leaves the warm water
running in the cold porcelain sink
Ted Sheridan

Bach Means Brook

Bach means brook, which turns into a stream
of consciousness that flows
gershon hepner

Quiet [creation Myth #15]

now your brother is near -
Simon Huggins


Who seldom sees our faults,
Pulling smiles from the air?
Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

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