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For Angie Mae - My Favourite Canadian

Sending two earlobe kisses your way
you have certainly spiced up my day
Herbert Nehrlich

Butterfly Poem (For Angie)

A butterfly dances in my garden.
I don’t know its colour.
David Taylor

The Easterbunny And Angie's Boy (Tit-For-Tat-Poem)

The Easterbunny came and laid
a dozen eggs, there, in the shade.
Herbert Nehrlich

Do An Angie

Francie Liar

The Death Of Angie

When darkness come
And when night falls,
Christina DysonMackenzie

Angie Bells Shit Doesn'T Stink? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ..

There’s this girl on here named Angie Bells
Who thinks her shit doesn’t smell
A.M. James

Learning To Fly(For Dearest Darling Angie)

Some old
Chinese guy
Dónall Dempsey

My Friend Angie

haha i stole my friends laptop and now she is trying to get back at me but its soo hilarious her name is angie she is gay
Angee Reynolds

4 Ask - Inmdiannnna Angie

this one is for you swetheart


Angie Angelica last name Sanabria
Is the most gorgeous, breathtaking Cubanita
Bradford Middleton

Li`l Angie

Harry Jack lay on his back
his body racked with pain
Richard Anders

So Angie Left For Home At Christmas Time

Our package was returned.
Harsh words were scrawled across its front:
Lynn W. Petty


Her fingers touched the strings
That breathed rhythm into timelessness
Richard Wlodarski

I Love Angie

I Love Angie, laten we Angela Merkel als Humanist een hart onder de riem steken, ze is een baanbereider voor de goede inborst van de Europese burger. Het is niet de fout van haar dat er gekken zijn gemaakt door IS, Veiligheidsdiensten uit het Oosten en USA en Arab Liga.Blijkbaar is Europa ook een toneel geworden van verruwing die wordt opgedrongen door hersenspoelende idioten welke levend verbrand mogen worden om de gekte te verbranden!
Aanvoerders van IS, Talibah, Al Shebab/Nusra die kinderen of jonge hulpeloze vluchtelingen tot zoiets aanzetten moet je vangen en levenslang luiers laten verschonen! Angela is dapper, vele vluchtelingen zijn dapper en willen de dialoog en positieve wending geven! We moeten trots zijn op onze draagkracht en samenhang.
Madrason writer


Gone from the old town a beloved face
And none it does seem for to take Angie's place
Francis Duggan

I'M Definitely Not Angie

I'm definitely not Angie no
and not the other one
Angie Melted My Cornflakes

Angie's Beach (For Ask)

The ocean's waves
Are my razor,
Scarlett Treat

All Taffeta & Tulle(For Angie Baby)

Frightened by the storm
he crawls under
Dónall Dempsey

Barefoot(For Angie Baby)

I follow the road
of my father’s voice
Dónall Dempsey

25th Angie Day

Even if the sky will turn to gray
Even if the day will be hazy
Juneil Sechico

Midnight At St.Marks(For Angie)

'Felicta...Angie...Felicta! '
I smile
Dónall Dempsey

Thanks Angie K.-Bbb!

I struggled with my morning socks
and looked out to the street,
Herbert Nehrlich 2

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Origami Bird(Being A ..

To the copulating cats
in the woodshed
Dónall Dempsey

A Romp Toward Remission - Collaboration W/ Angie Headley

Angie Headley wrote this poem based on some prose I wrote. She was kind enough to let me post it here
John Lyday

Beauty Within Me(For Angie On Reading Her Poetry)

You have left
your beauty within me
Dónall Dempsey

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