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"I Have Been A Stranger In A Strange Land&Quot;

It wasn't bliss. What was bliss
but the ordinary life? She'd spend hours
Rita Dove

"Teach Us To Number Our Days&Quot;

In the old neighborhood, each funeral parlor
is more elaborate than the last.
Rita Dove

"To Speak Of Woe That Is In Marriage&Quot;

"The hot night makes us keep our bedroom windows open.
Our magnolia blossoms.Life begins to happen.
Robert Lowell

"His&Quot; Love

Some see a sunny day, others see a dark and dreary
Optimism and pessimism seem to fight within us all.
Virginia J. Brady

"The Dreadful Has Already Happened&Quot;

The relatives are leaning over, staring expectantly.
They moisten their lips with their tongues. I can feel
Mark Strand

"Mom's My Hero&Quot;

I've now concluded
after giving it much thought;
Beau Burkett

"Ocean Of Love&Quot;

Our love, like an ocean
Our smiles
persian khushi

From &Quot;A Dream Book&Quot;

Deep reaches of sleep until the unforeseen
moment, like fugue, like petit mal, some kind of sign,

"No, I Wasn'T Meant To Love And Be Loved&Quot;

No, I wasn't meant to love and be loved.
If I'd lived longer, I would have waited longer.
Mirza Ghalib

Three "Cats" At Annville Paradise

There are three "Cats" in this house
Two cats are authentic,

From &Quot;This Living Hand&Quot;

It's not only the word roses
lurking inside neurosis or the fact
Dean Young

An Excerpt From &Quot;Mass For The Day Of St. Thomas Didym..

Praise the wet snow
Denise Levertov

"Common Sense&Quot;

Normalcy is for you to judge, what is normal for one,
Is abnormal for another, as there are no measurement guides,
Jim DiGregorio


LOVE, most beautiful natural instinct life has given us,
LOVE, mother nature provides the many loves for basic survival,
Jim DiGregorio

White Days, Interruption (&Quot;One Flew Over The Cuckoo's..

The horizon of all possibilities
returns as the muffled terror of institutions—
John Taggart

White Day, March 14 &Quot;The Flip Side Of Valentine Day.&..

White Day.
A different Korean lovers day,
Ronald Chapman

"The Quite Fire&Quot;

Quite is the fire, quite is the dreams,
quite is the passions, the laughter and the tears,
Margot Lindsey

"I Think Of You"

Wilfred C. Mellers April 3,2002
Reprised Wednesday, March 26,2008
Wilfred Mellers

Everything Will Be &Quot;Ok&Quot;

I have lost all that I that have cared for,
I have endured the wrath of evil
Rik Bertrand

White Day, March 14 &Quot;Things You Do, Smell, Taste And ..

White Day!
Chocolate cookies: 'I love you.'
Ronald Chapman

Fragment Of Song—&Quot;My Jean!&Quot;

THO' cruel fate should bid us part,
Far as the pole and line,
Robert Burns

"No-One But You&Quot;

My heart is yours
The castle where you now reside
persian khushi


People say Roses are Red,
Then, Red Roses for my passionate love to you

Los &Quot;Coquis&Quot; Of Puerto Rico

"Coquis" are indigenous
Tiny frogs, difficult to catch.
Margaret Feliciano

"Because You'Re Special &Quot;

A host of gifts are given from God above.
Grandest of these is a special child,
Janette Anderson

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