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Little Ants (Children)

Little ants marching in single file
crossing my smooth window pane.
C.J. Heck

The Ants

What wonder strikes the curious, while he views
The black ant's city, by a rotten tree,
John Clare

Three Cute Tiny Angry Ants

Three cute tiny angry ants
All who lived in tiny Paris, France;
Heather Schroer


(dedicated to Mr. Bob Blackwell, a poet friend at poemhunter)
Ahmad Shiddiqi

Haiku - Ants

flower bed
an army of ants
Don Haney

The Ants Who March For Myrmex

Naif art thou, who wouldst rebuff the Sacred Feminine
Ah! To tarry aside the Ant Hill; be’t blissful ambrosia?
Steve Trimmer

Lions And Ants

Once a hunter met a lion near the hungry critter's lair,
and the way that lion mauled him was decidedly unfair;
Walt Mason

King Solomon And The Ants

Out from Jerusalem
The king rode with his great
John Greenleaf Whittier

To The Ants

their anthill
is the most powerful

Sonnet: From Soldier-Ants To God

Who gave the soldier-ants their formic-sting?
So small a brain yet, intellect so vast;
Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,


Ants on the ground travel to a place
Where I sit, ash, ash some more

Ants Of War

Like ants they march,
towards their death.
Kevin Fung

Consider Ants

Consider ants, so Solomon advised,
not realizing that it lives in super-
gershon hepner

** Stimuli And Army Ants

Sitting here staring
At a downed power line
David DeSantis

Ants And Grasshoppers

“Should we all be hyperopic? ”
now appears to be the topic
gershon hepner


The Ants
They're pretty organized and smart

Ants And Me

Last day as I got home
Found ants on my floor.
Marton Dezso

Lips Of Busy Ants

Acrobats of Spanish glasses,
Of peat most that feed the sod and grasses:
Robert Rorabeck

The Red Ants...

The red ants are not red...
They are blacks hired
Moses Mtileni

The Ants

There once were two ants in Westphalia
Who wanted to go to Australia.
Joachim Ringelnatz

Leaf Cutter Ants

The leaf cutter ants can strip a tree,
In one single night so deliberately.
Juan Olivarez

Red Hill And The Black Ants

I climb the Volcano
And the bag rests on my oblique shoulder
nimal dunuhinga


At night it becomes more obvious, someone then can see the ant trails.
One trail starts on the M5, a ribbon of steel of ants, trucks nose to tail.
Jerry Behr Number 2

Even Ants Use Pens

It weeps true, now
inside head of pin
James McLain

Ants In Pants

We all want
To be thrust up
Kyle Shield Laster

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