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Bad And Good Nature!

Squirrels play all round the place with joy in the day;
Rats come after sunset and loot things in the night!
Ramesh T A

Bad And Good Love!

Love is good;
Love is like sweet;
Ramesh T A

Bad Or Good Day?

How can the day
Of killing Christ become
Ramesh T A

A Bad Or Good

What is bad or good?
it is like taste in food
Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Bad News, Good News

Sometimes I delude myself
Thinking I'm writing poems, but then I read somebody elses
Patti Masterman

Bad But Good

Its turning everything into a disaster
Why does it have to interfer?
Lynne . Tosh.

Bad Outweighing Good

It’s becoming increasingly harder to see the good beyond the bad.
There’s so much that’s becoming too difficult to deal with, I’m losing the good.
Allysyn Bryant

Bad And Good

Bad people!
Good people!
Atef Ayadi

Bad 2 Good

Here's my life from bad to good. Growing up moving from the projects,
to another worst hood. Stealing from people i thought it was good,
Bria Keyes

Bad For Good

Sometimes we have to fall
From the pedestal where we stand so tall
Roselyn A.M.

Bad And Good

If opposite bad is good
Where does that leave evil?
Danny Draper

Bad Love Good

Her smile used to Detonate a single hour's
Nuclear Explosion of rhapsody
simon elf

Replace Bad With Good

Everyone tells others
There's no one Your equal
Tirupathi Chandrupatla

Bad Poems, Good Poems

A bad poem is constructed
when heart-mind tethers are obstructed.
Etienne Charilaou

All In Mind Bad And Good

All in mind bad and good,
All in the wind and nothing truth.
Gajanan Mishra

All Are Not Bad Or Good Before Turniong Into God-Men!

All sufferings are due to changeless attachment to things of desire;
Beyond recovery, many are attached to amassing wealth to enjoy lust;
Ramesh T A

Doing Bad To Good End

Sometimes you have
To think out of the box,
Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos

You Can Activate Other People's Self Of You In You And Oth..

You can activate other people's self of you in you and other people's self of them in you! hopefully it's good, not bad, or good or bad, or good as ba ...
Joshua Aaron Guillory

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