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The Boy In Me When I Was Twelve. (An Archive From Childhoo..

To you Esmil
The beauty in your smile
Achilles Mauko

You Dont Know Me... But You Were Once My Only Crush

Explanation: I woke up at 3: 16am and decided to write about my dream..but then I soon realised I had been writing rhymes and now im publishing it for all to view so enjoy
when I first saw you I gigged and blushed
Kassy Bogdanoska

My Secret Crush

I think about you everyday
I plan out what to say
sania harris

A High School Crush

I look at you with lust and love
and I don’t know what to think
Zooey Lichty

First Crush - A Sonnet

You once sat on my wall and talked to me;
I was irked because you spoiled my silly game.
Sherrie Lowe

Retrospective Crush

Another man took me out tonight, but his hair was dark.
We made painful small talk in a hotel bar
Hannah Everette

My First Crush

Everyone can remember
Their first crush
Linda Barnes

Celebrity Crush

I see you
Hiding behind that smile
Jade chiKahn

My First Crush

In the sea of faces I saw a face
All in a haze, so filmy
Valsa George

Love Crush

Kiss the edge of fantasy, lick
your lips and dwell in the shine.
London Love Poems

Crushed By Your Crush

When your crush finds out that you like him everything goes wrong
From not talking to you to talking about you behind your back
Ashley Jensen

The Boy Wit The Crush! ! !


My Crush

you act like you care, but i know you don't.
you said you would change, but i know you won't.
Tania Nuno

I'Ve Got A Crush On You

When I'm with you i get butterflies
When I talk to you I don't know what to say
Avilone Cole


You're my apple of my eye
My heart didn't lie
Marvin Magno

My First Crush

Fair skin, lean look, and a casual gait,
My first crush walked in through the college gate.
Siya Pande

A Crush On You

I have a crush on you
since the day we first met
Emmanuela Petit Frere

What I Am (Crush)

i am selfish
i am mistake prone
Rosey Sunshine

My Crush And Secret Lover

I love u but u don't know
Dats why u are my secret crush
Tiya Davis

My First Crush

My First Crush
Her smile
Sylvia Chidi

The Secret Crush

She'd known him her entire life
She always dreamed to be his wife
Zenia Sheikh

My Crush

Don’t know why I act
Afraid when I am around you
Joshua Simpson

My Crush That No1 Knows

My Crush That No1 Knows
I have these feelings, deep inside
Sabrina Smith

My Secret Crush

I sneak a look at him.
From under my eyelashes.
Elizabeth Clement

Invisible Crush

Long, long before I had this rush. Something more like an invisible crush.
I was ignored and looked over for such some time.
DeAngelo Townsell

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