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Please, Just Hold On... (Do Whatever It Takes To Cure Thes..

I love you babydoll. I'll shut up now haha. I need to tell you something else important though, *Deep Breath*... It turns out my father changed my medications without my knowledge and I wasn't aware. Apparently I'm on my old medication... which is at least ten times as more potent, and he accidentally gave me more than a safe dosage... this explains my inability to be quiet, anxiety, constant nicotine cravings, irritability, erratic mood-swings, raised heart rate and high blood pressure. On top of all of what was going on the other day, I guess this pretty much makes some sense. I had a nervous breakdown because I came so close to an accidental overdose on an amphetamine, while detoxing and suffering withdraw from substances that slow the body's processes. In my head, when I was breaking down, it felt like... (and still feels like to some extent...but I'm progressively showing improvement. Obviously I can't shut up...) like there is some sort of evil, highly caffeinated, trouble-making, leprechaun pulled a fire alarm, pressed a 'PANIC' button, threw a hand grenade, and is punching the inside of my skull in an attempt to break free and he won't stop until the wall cracks and he can move out, along with every single one of his large, heavy bags of luggage. I'm really starting to annoy myself, and everyone else, no doubt about it. I haven't lost my mind, I promise you, my love... I will be normal someday soon. My body just needs to rid itself of these toxins. I've finally found the courage, and dignity to stop putting them into it, so all that is left to be cleaned is from the last time I made that horrible choice. It's so painful... both emotionally, as well as physically, but it will all be over soon. I just hope you don't hate me while this is going on... I know that until I am going to be strong and completely sober again, without this pain that I have regrettably brought upon us, and sadly, we must endure for a time, there will be no more failure to slip into the vices of drug use once more. You can rest assured, my love. I swear this to you. I will not let you down... But... I need you to promise me something as well, if you would... Please promise me that you won't give up on me. I know this will take time, and it will be painful, there is no doubt about that in my mind, but I cannot do this alone, my darling... You are my everything- my all. You and your love is the only thing I need in this life. I need you by my side, with your hand in mine, so we may face this head on... Honestly... I must confess that if it weren't for you... I may have not survived these last few months... You truly are an angel. Hell... Kristen, you are so much more than just that in my eyes... you saved the life of a pathetic, young boy, who did not care whether or not he lived or died, and he truly believed in his heart that everybody felt the same things about him, and that they did not care. You have proven me wrong, and I've never felt so happy to have that happen in all my life. You're a hero among angels.
I love you so very much, Kristen.
Zach Stahle

Love Is The Cure

for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Who Could Cure Africa?

who could cure africa
Who could cure africa? .
ademola oluwabusayo

The Cow-Juice Cure

The clover was in blossom, an' the year was at the June,
When Flap-jack Billy hit the town, likewise O'Flynn's saloon.
Robert William Service

Cure Yourself

Cure yourself of the affliction of caring how you appear to others.
Concern yourself only with how you appear before God, concern yourself only with the idea that God may have of you. ...
Miguel de Unamuno

A Cure Was Not Ment To Be

God took a look around
his garden and found a
Bryanna Lonsdale

Dire Cure

"First, do no harm," the Hippocratic
Oath begins, but before she might enjoy
William Matthews

Cure Me I Need To Work

I was hit and made weak though I am a grown
Man coughing traffic and smoke fumes beset me
Tom Navarro

My Cancer Cure

"A year to live," the Doctor said;
"There is no cure," and shook his head.
Robert William Service

The Cure

Long years ago, ere R--lls or R--ce
Trebled the mileage man could cover;
Rudyard Kipling

Verses Occasioned By A Young Lady's Asking The Author, Wha..

From me, my Dear, O seek not to receive
What e'en deep-read Experience cannot give.
Thomas Godfrey

No Cure But There Are Stars

Please sir be assured
there is no cure
Diana Americano


I'm gentle with him,
For he's a delicate peice of art.
Luna Moon

My Sickness, My Cure

My Sickness:
I'm sick of feeling this way..
Robbie Hunt

A Cure...

When the sickness is sadness,
laughter is the cure.
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

'Make Hope Cure Dope'

Fear not, for as you live
You have got a hope
Clarence Prince

Laughter...A Cure

I believe, in placing ones family first.
I believe that many successful people,
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

A Cure At Porlock

For whatever did it—the cider
at the Ship Inn, where the crowd
Amy Clampitt

God's Blessable Cure!

May God's love and blessing's fall down to
your table, May God's healing miracles,
Michael Gale

A Beautiful Cure

Everyone says its an addiction
something i cant break
Wishing For Perfection

A Best Cure!

Glory of Nature poet says in glowing verse!
Disaster of Nature critic says in crying words!
Ramesh T A

A Theist Cure

Always I am accepting of others, but
That does not mean that I am interested, try
Danny Draper

Her Granny's Schizophrenia Cure

She's topped the school grades in all the land
and sang the prettiest song to every one's delight.
Norman Jin Shyr Wang

Disease Without A Cure

How should I make you see?
That what you've done to me.
Ayesha Tulkubra

The Cure For Weariness

Seemed like I couldn't stand it any more,
The factory whistles blowin' day by day,
Edgar Albert Guest

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