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Don'T Apologize For What You'Ve Done

Don't apologize for what you've done - I'm saying this
in secret. I say to my personal other:
Mahmoud Darwish

Dark Dark Girl

Dark girl so filled with strife
Dark Dark girl she'll take your life
kyle potter

Sonnet 29 - I Think Of Thee!&Mdash;My Thoughts Do Twine An..

I think of thee!—my thoughts do twine and bud
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

My Dark Nights

At the distant verge of the horizon
slowly submerging is the weary Sun
Sathya Narayana

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Don't judge me by the way I look
and the way I have my hair.
Orlando Belo

Tra-La-La, Tra-La-La

Tra-la-la, tra-la-la,
Tra-la-la, tra-la-la,
Alan Alexander Milne

Dark Wood, Dark Water

This wood burns a dark
Incense. Pale moss drips
Sylvia Plath

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts, Think Happy Thoughts

I have to keep reminding myself to forget you.
Forget you and me.
shannon wright

Time, Time, Time, Time,

Time, time, time, time,
Sometimes I don't know how to make use of it
Aldo Kraas

Don'T Be Sad, Don'T Be Blue

Don’t be sad, baby
Don’t be blue
Colin Coplin

Time –time – Time - Time

Time time time time
You flow in your tides
Peter S. Quinn

The Darkness In Light; The Light In Darkness

I'm the darkness in the light.
I'm the one who wallows in despair
Jeffrey Martinez

The Tale Of The Tell-Tail Fart

Once upon a midnight dreary
I decided to make a query-
Susan Sparks

Don Juan Aux Enfers (Don Juan In Hell)

Quand Don Juan descendit vers l'onde souterraine
Et lorsqu'il eut donné son obole à Charon,
Charles Baudelaire

Last Time, This Time, That Time, Next Time...

I Have Got My Head In The Clouds Like I Am On 9 Ounces Of Happiness.
My Eyes Have Been Opened Wide To An Understanding Of Real Smiles And Legitimate Butterflies Fluttering By Developing Stems Of Trust.
Vicky Vickstah

Don Belianís De Grecia A Don Quijote De La Mancha

Rompí, corté, abollé, y dije e hice
más que en el orbe caballero andante;
Miguel de Cervantes

Tapilok (Tagalog Translation Of 'Takilpo'

Umabsent ako sa klase
dahil nga pinag-utusan ako
Hima chan

Dark, More Dark

Dark, more dark,
See the days here.
gajanan mishra

Darked Eyes, Darked Skies..

As I gaze upon darkened skies,
Through my darkened eyes,

You Don'T Go Crazy Till It's Done

War is hell but you don't go crazy til its done.
We climbed over the top, we can never stop,
Julia Boon

My Dark Side Of Me And A Video Game Hedgehog, Shadow- Our ..

I have feelings you know
so has Shadow Too
Ashleigh Leona Mellon

Hali Sa Treseng Tigsik / From Thirteen Toasts

Tinigsik ko ining gapo
Jaime Jesus Borlagdan

Dark-Browed Martha

When the frost-king clothed the forests
In a flood of gorgeous dyes,
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

'Please Don't Give Up'

Your needed here... Please don't give up..
You have an offering to pass on to others like you.
Lyn Paul

Dark, Dark Dream Of Scare...

In my haunting dark, dark dream of scare
Into the depths where none dare

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