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Elefans' Fans' Grey Tanka Eulogy Written On A Grass Green ..

The King was ill. A travelling monk told him to look upon the healing colour of green. The king spent lakhs and lakhs of money hiring artists to paint the entire country green. The monk once again travelled in the vicinity and came to court. He said to the king: 'Would it not have been better to put on green glasses? ' Paraphrased from a story told by Sathya Sai Baba
Guard us from advice
Jonathan ROBIN

Eulogy To A Hell Of A Dame

some dogs who sleep At night
must dream of bones
Charles Bukowski


To allow silence
To admit it in us
Kevin Young

Eulogy For A Veteran

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
Anonymous Americas

Eulogy To The Memory Of My Mother

Rosie Leola Earley 1903 - 2001
Delivered at South Bend, Indiana February 24,2001
James B. Earley

My Father's Eulogy

Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are all gathered here today
rabia minhas

Eulogy For Youth

I once ventured upon a hillside
At dawn when the weather was best.
Jack Growden

Free-Bird Joyce's Eulogy

Free-bird, Joyce's Eulogy
I saw a bird sat in a cage,
Katrina Bennett

Funeral Eulogy

A day to say I am sorry
A day to say I love you
Howard Johnson

Eulogy For An Artist

A Tribute to Timoteo Guintos
He braves his way into the foliage,
Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

A Eulogy (For Memories Past)

</>Soon, this regrettable experience shall be in the past;
While there are memories which are sure to last,
Maurice Harris

Eulogy For My Mother (Hazel Guggenheim Mckinley, Artist)

Flesh lakes of Hazel's colours
Stretch out in the heat
John King-Farlow

*haiku: Eulogy

the legend -
all smoke
and no fire ...
Isaiah Grey

In Memory Of Lucky Dube (A Eulogy)

The weather was not favorable,
Nothing was adaptable:
Kobik William

Death Of Gen. Jackson - An Eulogy

Hark! from the mighty Hero's tomb,
I hear a voice proclaim!
George Moses Horton

A Eulogy

A eulogy about one is made
To show the skills of the one who made it
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

A Pharaoh's Eulogy

This ancient opaque Palace
Walls running red
Derek Fitzpatrick

Retirement Eulogy

I retire with honour leaving my post to other.
Settling all the public affairs, I am happier.
Charles WOO

Bohemian Eulogy

Hey Chuck, too bad you’re gone
But man, I still have something to
Anthony Joseph Erangey


For my thousand dreams and broken wing,
As some final words what would you sing?
Magic Box

Don: A Eulogy

He was my friend
when I needed a friend
Frank Avon

Eulogy To The Wind

O wind thou art mighty
Mightier than the mightiest
john chizoba vincent

My Friends Birthday, An Eulogy

It dawn unto us, a day all long awaited,
for to the one excellent in creation.
micheal john


With heavy hearts we are gathered here today
Goodbye is the hardest word of all to say
Rebecca Dalmaso

Spanish Civil War Veteran Eulogy

The old man, still,
Dead wrinkled flesh,
David McLansky

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