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All Babas Are Not Fake? How Do You Say So? Are You Yoursel..

Try to correct your wrong statement,
All the time the negative comment is not good,
Bijay Kant Dubey

Wat I Have Always Loved U For! ! ! *mabey Its All Fake! ! *

Emily Sleator aka Katastrophic Kyte3 N ..

F E M A Full Of Excretion And Manure Action Or Fake Em..

FEMA gave a progress report on the southern California disaster.
Little did they know that the said about press conference,
Joe Rosochacki

Behind The Shadow Of The Screen! (Jay Ellen's Fake Poetry ..

Many look friendly and move as friends ever;
But at the back, they will be shadow boxing..!
Ramesh T A

Fake Smile... Vs. Real Smile... Who Will Win?

Fighting the world with a wounded heart,
My fake smile, my only shield,
chad fisher

Fake People!

You tell them the truth
You let your secrets fall right through
Sugar Bear

Fake Friends

There’s liars, posers, freaks, and cheaters,
The world is only coming to the cold mistreaters,
Krista Thomas

Fake Smile

They ask me what's wrong
I say I'm OK
Victor Osorio

Pain Behind A Fake Smile

The poems I write
I don't write to impress
Curtis Brown

Fake Love.

It's a commitment.
A relationship,
Ralph Acosta

Fake Smiles

Sometimes we smile to hide a tear
Sometimes we laugh not to show fear

Real Or Fake

A single kiss is all it takes
For me to know
Reshma Ramesh

Fake Happiness

Do you ever feel, that you cant seem to understand your own language? That everything around you is so negative, that over time, you learn to block th ...
Shannon daffsdffjk

Fake People

the fake people are everywhere
oh no matter what you say to them they just dont care
jayne harris

The End Of Fake Called Love

The end of a fake called love i started one day
The end of a a lie called love
hopeless 111

Fake Tan Man

Mahogany, teak stain, gravy or oak
This man's face is a bloody joke
jasmine maddock

Fake Smile

i saw the colors
red green yellow blue

Fake It!

Fake it until you feel it.
Try it until you believe it.
Leslie Alexis

The Fake People

the fake people
oh its the fake people there everywhere
jayne harris

A Fake World

I mourn
The fake death of the world
Anele TheAfrikanSon kaMthethungqongqo ..


The “Angel”
Perfection Is Flawed

A Fake Lifestyle Kills The Perfect Girl

Starting to drown in her fake personality,
Try to stay afloat, but she snaps back to reality.
Cora Lee

Fake Fairytales

oh how lovely it is to be a princess
her life her tales were never a mess
Fara Sani

Fake Id

Someone go get the net
there is yet
Ted Sheridan

A World Full Of Fake Smiles!

</></></>Today I went to a city side,
What a fake world with
Abhishek Tiwari

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