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Why Is It When I See My Own Flesh And Blood That I Feel Be..

Crying on the stairway, she tumbled to a fall, all her life was shatters, and she‘s ready to end it all, she could hear the screaming, and everything she held, cause on her way to math class she somehow lost herself
She felt herself breathe, as she sliced it through her skin, she didn’t even know this was how her ending would begin, she felt relief, she saw the blood, she knew this was the outburst of all the wrong shed done, so take this beating heart, and cut this life apart, she took the wrong way down, now she’s bleeding on the ground.
Gabriella Mantone

Mutual Help And Relief In Time Of Poverty, Not Forget To B..

Mutual help and relief in time of poverty, not forget to be related by burning hot flesh and blood
Luo Zhihai

You Are My Flesh And Blood

(This is a fictional poem)
When I held you in my arms for the first time, I was blessed.
Randy Johnson

Flesh And Blood

' Flesh And Blood' By: M.Mesa
Mona Lee Mesa

Flesh And Blood

Flesh calls to flesh
Blood to blood
Bull Hawking

In Flesh And Blood

Horizon ever rising,
Darkness and light ever coming,
Charles Jagongo

Poem: Not Against Flesh And Blood

Must we compete in spiritual matches,
against unseen, devilish competitors?
Joseph James Breunig 3rd

Faith Of Flesh And Blood

All democrats, all secular;
All peace loving, all brotherhood;
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Poetry Is In My Flesh And Blood

The experiences of your life!
To write a book about them;
Edward Kofi Louis

Demons At Night (Flesh And Blood)

They scuttle around
like a mouse in search for food
lou parks

The Heroine Of Flesh And Blood The Atraction Of Lawrence

The heroine of flesh and blood
The attraction of Lawrence,
Bijay Kant Dubey

Of Bone, Flesh And Blood

This is the tale of how this bloke's heart heave.
Of a feeling he now wears on his sleeve.
Ray Anyasi

'Festive Of Flesh And Blood'

it is time not to tell
any one the word of love
Pranab K. Chakraborty

Not Against Flesh And Blood

Eternal struggle
not against flesh and blood,
Sofia Kioroglou

Make No Bones About Flesh And Blood

M-ake no bones about flesh and blood,
A-nyone is mistake-prone;
Bernard F. Asuncion

Flesh And Blood

Flesh and blood,
Sway, way, say!
Edward Kofi Louis

Flesh And Blood

Don't waste your time
pleasing flesh and blood
Chukwuma Adione

Flesh And Blood

Flesh and blood
Are here,
Gajanan Mishra

In Flesh And Blood

Saw her online, love at first view,
Exquisite lovely, slid into her page,
Aluko Oluwaremilekun Tosin

A Tribute To A Man Made Of Flesh And Blood.

I do not have tools and equipment to measure stones and store
Nor do I speak to bags of sand and mixture of cement
Ponniah Ganeshan

Come To Me In Flesh And Blood.  -new-

On wings of dreams
In the depth of the night
Dev Anand

Of Flesh And Blood

All is all
Will we have it like Bogart and Becall
Lissette Goodbody

Flesh And Blood Is Love ~ Haiku

It is not made of
Solid stone or grainy sand
Christine A Kysely

In Flesh And Blood

In flesh and blood
you continually smile at me,
Gert Strydom

Flesh And Blood

Most night stars knows my secrets
The soft breeze saw me cried
Korede Abiodun

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