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By That Lake, Whose Gloomy Shore

By that Lake, whose gloomy shore
Sky-lark never warbles o'er,
Thomas Moore

A Gloomy Day

Dark clouds fill the sky,
It's a sad and gloomy day.
Juan Olivarez

This Gloomy Northern Day

THIS gloomy northern day,
Or this yet gloomier night,
Robert Louis Stevenson

The Gloomy Night Is Gath'Ring Fast

The gloomy night is gath'ring fast,
Loud roars the wild inconstant blast;
Robert Burns

Gloomy Day

My day begins darkly and dreary.
Gloomy days with falling rain can be,
Ronald Chapman

Gloomy Sunday

When the feel has got feathers
From redness on the cheek
Sadiqullah Khan

O Dreamy, Gloomy, Friendly Trees!

O dreamy, gloomy, friendly Trees,
I came along your narrow track
Frederic Herbert Trench

Gloomy Days Without You

If you come back to be mine
Once again the Sun will shine
Fareez Nasir

Gloomy Day

wind swirling gray clouds
depression accompanying
Kyle Schlicher

Lilim Sa Dilim {my Shadows Of Love In Your Gloomy Life)

Sa paligid ng kawalan
Dinig ang huni ng katahimikan
Captain Herbert Poetry

Written On A Gloomy Day, In Sickness

The gloomy lowering of the sky,
The milky softness of the air,
Susanna Blamire

Gloomy Days

Oh, what a beautiful gloomy day
Not a hint of sunshine, not a single ray
Lady in Blue Shades of the love deprived

In The Dark Gloomy Night

In the dark gloomy night,
Lies a sweet birdie,
Ayesha Riaz

A Gloomy Thursday

Evening of a gloomy Thursday,
Humming an ancient melody;
Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

Gloomy Verse

1.0 Alone
Alone and alone – you are alone
Ashraful Musaddeq

That Gloomy Day.....

I did according to my daily routine and got to school early in the morning.
My colleagues asked me “what did you prepare? ” I considered it for a minute but said nothing.
Shefali Srivastava

Dark & Gloomy: (

my life is dark and gloomy,
so I am all alone.
Levi Jones

Gloomy Autumn

Amber colors... leaves portray
People converge on the park each day
Singleton M. Tate

The Gloomy News (After Rhe Big Earthquake In 1930s)

there is a bird in Erzincan province
no silver no silver on her wings
Metin Sahin

Gloomy Sunday

Day broke through the window,
mind ceased to play…

Thou Gloomy December

ANCE mair I hail thee, thou gloomy December!
Ance mair I hail thee wi' sorrow and care;
Robert Burns

Misty Gloomy Nights

On a misty gloomy night
I walk towards a husky light
SAK Reddy

Sunday Is Gloomy.

The disappearance of miss Emilie Devine
Weighed heavy on our broken minds.
kyle turner

A Sri Lankan Hawk Repents In The Gloomy Sky

Why the Yankee Eagle
Quits our Roost
nimal dunuhinga

The Gloomy Victorian

Where is this glum Victorian
This man of mien forlorn
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

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