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Smart Apes

The trees are leaving;
lurched away;
Lonnie Hicks

Lions, Tigers And Let's Not Forget The Apes

And now there was only me…
Everyone I’ve known and all my friends have left in a hurry
Ted Sheridan

Those Who Called Them Apes In The Jungle

those who scramble for food
and steal and

Would Apes Have Failed Their Mother Earth?

Nature’s grave error this, I oft wonder—
Right at human history’s preamble,
Aniruddha Pathak

' A Family Of Apes? ? ? '

And what is essential to you..? ? ?
You really believe in evolution? ? ?
Enrico Morilla

Planet Of The Apes

Planet of the Apes
Excess monkey fit
Martin Lochner

Men & Apes

Fish live in water
but never drink a dropp of it
mazHur Butt

....... Mad As Apes

Mad as apes…
Losses adjusted are laws and life.
cheung shun sang

From Apes To Kings

Scrambling back down the dusty road,
An animal resists another beast of distinction,
Naveed Akram

Life After Death For Apes? ....... [other Than Human-Apes..

Orangutang died in its zoo cell.
I wonder: “Do big apes go to Hell?
Bri Edwards

Generation Of Apes And Angels...

Our distant cousins are the apes,
And our future cousins are angels,
Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Who Apes Who?

Woman started wearing full trousers,
Hitherto the monopoly of men
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Haiku (Apes)

No ape would ever
Admit being related
Raymond Farrell

Planet Of Apes

What shall be our legacy
A million years hence
Hardik Vaidya

A Vacancy For Apes

Qualified apes
Down to earth heads
Udaya R. Tennakoon

For The Apes

so much similar,
and so different are we.
taha contractor

Mapes, Apes!

Edward Kofi Louis

Apes  -new-

does he exist?
Sotirios Skoufis

[apes Built Shapes And Space]

apes built shapes and space
to kill gods,
Aaron Eliad

Of The Apes

The words I give to the police
Are like an emergency of laziness.
Naveed Akram

Children Of The Apes

Children of the apes
You can no longer escape
Jenny Miller

On Apes And Angels

We time together for some little space
Each adding unto each when harmony
Jonathan ROBIN

The Heart And The Apes Of The Dead Sea (Translation With O..

Somewhere on the shores of some Dead Sea
- isn't the world full of Dead Seas -
Erhard Hans Josef Lang

Bird Guano

I know nothing of birds
but why would a bird
Ikkyu 444

Gods And Apes-Cauchy3

Gods and Apes..
Our passing souls are items cross.
cheung shun sang

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