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Whatever Box You're In, Whether It's Enslaving Or Free Or ..

Whatever box you're in, whether it's enslaving or free or both, you can't stay away from it too long or you will get lonely, depressed or sick. Live h ...
Joshua Aaron Guillory

Honestly Officer, The Horse Must Be Drunk! Or But Wait, Wa..

Elmer Stolzfoos Fisher,22, of Paradise, Pennsylvania, was slumped over and asleep.,
Oh so deep!
Joe Rosochacki

Honestly, Honest

Ask me anything,
I’ll answer honestly,
Mandy Author2

But Honestly What Do I Believe

The devil looks after me
He doesn’t forsake me
Mark Heathcote

Honestly ...

never had the chance
to visit Gethsemane


This poem is dedicated to Kimberly Ashley Evans.♥
Honestly I know I love you
Bryan Hammond


tears are falling,
Amber Swiney


There is something sinister
Within this system feel it stir
E Nigma


Describe to me the honesty some show,
They are some of us, sometimes we know. ...
Naveed Akram

I Cannot Love You Honestly

I wish to bend your smiles so as better
To ease my truth.
Masiela Lusha


All my life I was told being honest
Was the best way to be (a good person?)
charles kuehnle

Honestly Feeling It

Now that you are here,
each day my love,
Linda I. Weischedel

I Honestly Love You

If this vow of affection is simply true
Don’t tell me why you had to speak it:
Michael Buhagiar


A good luck charm an amulet.
yes superstition lingers yet.
ivor or ivor.e hogg


I've been depressed for so long.
so long.
Giovanna Santiago


I’m not sure how long I’ll love you,
Probably not long if I had to guess
Whit Leyenberger


Can you honestly tell me you don’t care?
The way you treat me is unfair
tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

Honestly My Love

honestly my love
on a union like ours

Honestly, Mrs And Mr

Honestly, Mrs and Mr
What do you think we are?
Hana 1225

Honestly Love...

Honestly love...

hazem al jaber

Honestly Dont Lie To Me

you tell me you love me when you dont actually mean it....why?
you tell me you want to see me again when you actually dont....why?
trevor adams


I've never tried so hard before..
Dislocated Heart

Honestly Speaking My Dear

you have a sharp knife with you
so i will keep a little distance


Orphans cast into the soft warm summers grass.
fed by the berries that the tree had passed.
jona magra

Honestly Sometimes I Feel Like A Robot

writing poems..
just that, i can't explain it

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