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Tryin' On Clothes

I tried on the farmer's hat,
Didn't fit…
Shel Silverstein

Tryin To Forget Someone That Hurt You

eveytime i try to forget a person
that hurt me so much but that person
charisse lewis

Will You Get Outta Here Tryin' To 'spook' Somebody

Take this.
Lawrence S. Pertillar


Cant seem to write down how I feel..
Its like I'm leaving it all for you to decide..
Dislocated Heart

Tryin To Hold Your Showdow

i want you in my arms
to be there when i need you
Hannah Williams


Trying to breath but there's no air
My heart trying to beat but your not there
Brianna Perreira

Tryin To Make Sense

as i kid i used dream.
dream of the days when
krezay rg...

Why You Tryin To Lose Weight? ! ? !

My blood and veins filled with rage,
as I say... 'WHY ARE YOU TRYIN TO LOSE WEIGHT? ! ? ! '
Dislocated Heart

Im Tryin 4 U

im tryin not 2 love u
im tryin not to care
annon ...........

Tryin To Rhyme Something

these rhymes to me, aren't as beautiful
i'm alone no one to talk to, sensible
Robert Jackson


Trying to keep what little sanity
Losing my mind
palesa deejay manaleng

Tryin To Change

over a pack a day is gonna send me to my grave
workin but broke im the governments slave
James Harding

Tryin' Not To Think Of You (With All My Might)

<center>Tryin' not to think of you
Tryin' not to …
David Whalen

I Keep Right A-Tryin'

I’d never felt like this
Before I saw your face
Agung Narayana

Just Tryin'

I sit 
Richard Wlodarski

Tryin To Be Me...

It was'nt any special day when i went off to sleep,
but still dreamt of someone i alwayz wanted to be, , ,
kavita bhat

Stop Tryin' To Save Me!

Patterened after an ailing..sinking ole' man
Borrowed upon the stored thoughts
Atsar MusePen

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