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Why God Made Little Girls

God made the world with its towering trees,
majestic mountains and restless seas,
Morgan Doe

Little Girls Must Not Fret

What is it that makes little Emily cry?
Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye:
Jane Taylor


I'm twins, I guess, 'cause my Ma say
I'm two little girls. An' one o' me
James Whitcomb Riley

Little Girls & Little Boys

A little girl's heart is broken
Every time her dolly breaks
Nichole Pettit

Two Little Girls

The Nazis exterminated over six million Jews)
Little dark-haired Jewish girl
Colin Ian Jeffery

On Butterflies And Little Girls

Butterflies and little girls are
almost exactly the same

Why God Made Little Girls

Why God made little girls. So they could be mothers. So they could know what it's like to have a little girl to remember herself. Written 3/7/08 Poste ...
Susie Sunshine

Two Little Girls

For my mother Noor, poet, whose verses I borrow
I hang on to the hem of her dress like a child hanging
Fawziyya Abu Khalid

Little Girls

God made the little boys for fun, for rough and tumble times of play;
He made their little legs to run and race and scamper through the day.
Edgar Albert Guest

Little Girls Are Best

Little girls are mighty nice,
Take 'em any way they come;
Edgar Albert Guest

Little Girls, Little Boys, Be Wise!

Little girls and little boys, be wise
stick to your baby food, toys and be nice
Janine Alyssa Navarro

Two Little Girls On The Farm

Two little girls
Went to stay on a farm
norman hale

Little Girls.

Little girls
Little girl you are so beautiful and innocent like your sister and I think you are going to be so strong like you sister when I see you for the first time I knew you were something special I see that into your eyes.
Christian K. Montiel

Little Girls

Little girls, little girls,
when will you grow,
Amouta Stardancer

My Precious Little Girls

Like a spring of water
Brings life to everything
Seema Chowdhury

Our Mothers Sees Us As Little Girls

Growing up to be just like there mother. Because we watch everything our mother does. So when we grow up. We choose to do all the same things. But in ...
Susie Sunshine

Little Girls White Wedding Dress

the leaves are wet with dripping rain.dripping down, the rain falls into her pain.it washes away the blood of her crime, neighborhood.all she did was ...
chris bowen

Little Girls And Little Lambs

IN the May-time flowers grow;
Little girls in meadows go;
Kate Greenaway

The Pinwheels Of Little Girls

Strung out with feelings on the West coast
With the turtles in their huts
Robert Rorabeck

Good Little Girls

Although of native maids the cream,
We're brought up on the English scheme -
William Schwenck Gilbert

Little Girls Must Not Fret

WHAT is it that makes little Emily cry?
Come then, let mamma wipe the tear from her eye:
Ann Taylor

To All The Little Girls

stay whimsical
stay active
Brandon Lucero

What Little Girls Are Made Of

What are little girls made of?
Tabpops, pimpumps, tubaloos,
Bruce Larkin

Six Little Girls

Six little girls
What is going on in Iran?
Nassy Fesharaki

Little Girls, Little Boys

Little Girls, Little Boys..
To them
Indira Renganathan

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