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The Little Things...... [my Excuse For Not Giving Roses; E..

It’s the little things that count so much,
while many things are awfully overrated.
Bri Edwards

The Joy Of Little Things

It's good the great green earth to roam,
Where sights of awe the soul inspire;
Robert William Service

Little Things

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney

For Little Things

Last night I looked across the hills
And through an arch of darkling pine
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Little Things Matter Much (New)

It’s the small droplets of water
That can a vast ocean form
Runita R Menezes

The Little- Little Things

I don't need much, to be happy,
some simple, little- little things,
Maria Shipka

Little Things That Make Me Smile

There are little things I see and feel,
That really make me smile.
white dove

The Little Things In Life

We all seem to forget, the little
things in life. In fact, it seldom
Audrey Heller

Little Things In Love

Sometimes a little smile, sometimes a little glare,
is what makes me feel you will always take care,
Xena is a poem author

Little Things Matter Much

It’s the tiny pebbles on the riverbed
That filter the water that flows.
Runita R Menezes

Little Things

There's nothing very beautiful and nothing very gay
About the rush of faces in the town by day,
Orrick Johns

Little Things Make Life Wonderful

How little things
Matters in life
Shashikant Nishant Sharma

Little Things!

Little things,
Advantage to help others;
Edward Kofi Louis

The Sweetest Little Things

I Love the sweet little things
The random comments
Ankoku Gekido

Little Things

A little white cloud standing out from the other
The hole in its middle shows the gorgeous blue sky
Andrew Westermann

It's The Little Things That Count

It's the little things in life, that
really count. Whatever you do
Audrey Heller

Those Little Things That Make You Cry

i cry, do you cry?
i cry because he died
Its yellow jello my little fellow. yell

' The Little Things That Touch My Heart'

Don't bring me some expensive flowers or cards
because a date on the calendar tells you so.
Linda Winchell

Happiness Is Little Things

Gregory Huyette

Little Things

Just a spark
Can light up the flames
Elvis Towolawi

Little Things

Daily life sets aside breath-taking moments,
filling our beings with joy over very little
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Little Things

Little things..
Little things have beauty too..
Tilde Sauffaus

It’s The Little Things

We’ll enjoy the little things, the sweet pleasures that
Your love brings; like walking on the beach with your
Sandra Finch

Precious Little Things

Little things of life are enough for me,
Though for some, enough is never enough!

Little Things Mean Alot

Sweet saima dear
Because I care
Seema Chowdhury

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