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Take Daru And Call Yourself A Hero If Not Of The Bombay Th..

Spend a bit and get intoxicated too much,
Low budget, but too much intoxication
Bijay Kant Dubey

What Poet Am I? Local, Provincial Or National, Say You?

You called me a poet,
But poet am I,
Bijay Kant Dubey

Digital Smoke: New Modern Menace To Society (Watch Your 36..

You will be a terrorist and terrorist threat
if you do positive for your own kind like helping drop the crime rate and crimes
Cherokee Akan Ewe

Bullet Resistant Vest With No Kelvar (Goes Out Tah Dat 21 ..

i rather walk in broaday-light with my bullet resistant vest on covered with a tee shirt regularly
getting work out on too minding my own business fore my family'z strength of our strong
Cherokee Akan Ewe

Letter To The Local Police

Dear Sirs:
I have been enjoying the law and order of our
June Jordan

5:46, Andheri Local

In the women's compartment
of a Bombay local
Arundhathi Subramaniam

Local Lad

I never saw a face so bright
With brilliant blood and joy,
Robert William Service

In The Local Football Oval

In the floodlight lit football oval each weeknight after tea
I hear the young men shouting as they train diligently
Francis Duggan

Down Memory Lane - In A Local Train

It was a trip down memory lane
My journey on a Mumbai local train
Sandra Martyres

The Local Poet

Imbibing brandy
And Irish stout.
Liam ó Comáin

A Local Outsider

To the local community he is not one of their own
And apart from them in every way he has grown
Francis Duggan

Local Government - Uk

Disruption and chaos ~ no never!
Local Councils stand firm in
Joyce Hemsley

Poetry Festival In Our Local Yard

a festival with unique hue and aroma
where the fanciful minds

The Local Elite

They dress in furs
And leather coats;
David McLansky

Life @ Local Trains- A Race For A Race

As the day breaks,
Thousands flock together in a race,
Kalky Inkler

A Local Doc, Over Rocky Lunchtime Bourbon, Speaks Of Barte..

Nostrums? Lordy, I have seen them all.
Alcohol's the favorite. Many a quack's
R. T. Smith

Gm The Local Legal Hooch

I overheard a conversation.
About a brand that was banned by the retailers association.
Hardik Vaidya

Local Trains

What to talk of local trains,
Lakhs of commuters travel by it,
Geetha Jayakumar

A Local T.V. Celebrity

Listening to Dan Davis emcee a volunteer recognition dinner,
enjoying seeing him again, as he is missed very much from
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Local News

‘’Local news read all about it’’
When you turn on your television to watch the news do you wonder why people do the stuff they do?
machelle harris

Ode To Thy Local Lunatic

You see him walking down the street in a jovial gait,
sometimes looking at the creation in a seemingly eternal wait.
Jiggi Gwari

Life At The Local Is Constant

Piano flows through the air,
Breathing life,
Melissa Coventry

Murray Stanhope, Local Pagan

Murray Stanhope, local pagan
doesn’t think he is mistaken.
Ian Blake

Our Local Publican

local publican
john o'connell

Local Head Office

Really I am sorry
I am not well-acquinted
Gajanan Mishra

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