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Footsteps Of Angels

When the hours of Day are numbered,
And the voices of the Night
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Air And Angels

Twice or thrice had I loved thee,
Before I knew thy face or name;
John Donne

The Four Angels

As Adam lay a-dreaming beneath the Apple Tree
The Angel of the Earth came down, and offered Earth in fee;
Rudyard Kipling

Heaven's Little Angels

Through the innocence of children at play. . .
Smile down heaven's little angels to show them the way.
Carolyn Daste Hurtado

Angels Of Love

Our children are the stars of today.
Our children are the joy of life. These
Crystal Bogacki

God Permit Industrious Angels

God permit industrious angels
Afternoons to play.
Emily Dickinson

Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang

Songs of praise the angels sang,
Heav’n with alleluias rang,
James Montgomery

Angels Are Hard To Find

I've been dreaming of a world
Where the children always smile
Claudia J. Anne Kuzma


They say...
We are surounded, by angels.
Saundra Diamante

Angels Kiss

When an angel sends
a kiss your way
Marie Ortiz

Heavenly Angels

God's word sends an angel
Sent an angel.
Juanita Nickel

Angels Crossing

Angels crossing near our feet
Come and make our lives complete
Linda Nelson


Angels, Angels, up above
Please, protect the one's we love,
Joan Kinney

Angels Wearing Cowboy Hats

No one swings on the garden gate at my house any more;
No angels wearing cowboy hats are running through my door --
Jeanne Louise Morgan

Little Angels

Little Angels all around.
Come to help without a sound
Marie Ortiz

Where Angels Always Go

My life has changed it's sad to say
It all began one January day
The Dreamer

The Making Of Angels

"God" has a very special need for angels in "His" realm,
"He" needs some workers on his ship, for "He" is at the helm.
Richard Baird

Our Guardian Angels And Their Children

Where a river roars in rapids
And doves in maples fret,
Vachel Lindsay


Angels of mercy, Angels of love
God's Holy Messengers from above
Virginia M. King


Bright angels stood at the break of the day
In a transparent mood and with joy they did say
Peter Buss

5 Or 6 Angels And A Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s second birthday,
I made a party cake with five little angels in a swirl of snowflakes.
R. (Rayanne) Vanderkleed

Angels Playing Marbles

Heard a loud roar, bump and sound
Looked like the angels were playing marbles on the ground.
Jessie Taylor

Angels Tears

When thro our lovely, glens I stride,
Soft gentle rain, doth fall
Francis W.T. Cooper

The Little Angels

God seems to have a way
Of helping Mothers through the day.
Fred Lagg

Angels In Flight

As I sail through the Realm of Midnight . . .
Sanction provide my Heart with Salvation
Joseph Rhodes

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