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A New Heaven

Seeing we never found gay fairyland
(Though still we crouched by bluebells moon by moon)
Wilfred Owen

Dawn In New York

The Dawn! The Dawn! The crimson-tinted, comes
Out of the low still skies, over the hills,
Claude McKay

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Emma Lazarus

Young In New Orleans

starving there, sitting around the bars,
and at night walking the streets for
Charles Bukowski

Wild Dreams Of A New Beginning

There's a breathless hush on the freeway tonight
Beyond the ledges of concrete
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A New Poet

Finding a new poet
is like finding a new wildflower
Linda Pastan

The Newcomer

'There's something new in the river,'
The fish said as it swam.
Brian Patten

New York At Night

A near horizon whose sharp jags
Cut brutally into a sky
Amy Lowell

Are You The New Person, Drawn Toward Me?

ARE you the new person drawn toward me?
Walt Whitman

The New Dog

Into the gravity of my life,
the serious ceremonies
Linda Pastan

The New House

NOW first, as I shut the door,
I was alone
Edward Thomas

For A New Citizen Of These United States

Forgive me for thinking I saw
the irregular postage stamp of death;
Li-Young Lee

Brave New World

One spoke: "Come, let us gaily go
With laughter, love and lust,
Robert William Service

New England

Here where the wind is always north-north-east
And children learn to walk on frozen toes,
Edwin Arlington Robinson

A Poem Sacred To The Memory Of Sir Isaac Newton

Shall the great soul of Newton quit this earth,
To mingle with his stars; and every muse,
James Thomson

A New Start.

I have wiped the slate clean,
No more reminders from the past.
Bernard Shaw

On Receiving News Of The War

Snow is a strange white word.
No ice or frost
Isaac Rosenberg

Writing Shit About New Snow

Writing shit about new snow
for the rich
Kobayashi Issa

Prayer For A New Mother

The things she knew, let her forget again-
The voices in the sky, the fear, the cold,
Dorothy Parker

To A New England Poet

Though skilled in Latin and in Greek,
And earning fifty cents a week,
Philip Freneau

Mayakovsky In New York: A Found Poem

New York: You take a train that rips through versts.
It feels as if the trains were running over your ears.
Annie Dillard

Summer Morn In New Hampshire

All yesterday it poured, and all night long
I could not sleep; the rain unceasing beat
Claude McKay

New Mexico

I was fairly drunk when it
began and I took out my bottle and used it
Charles Bukowski

Sing A New Song

O sing a new song, to our God above,
Avoid profane ones, 'tis for holy choir:
Sir Francis Bacon

Spring In New Hampshire

Too green the springing April grass,
Too blue the silver-speckled sky,
Claude McKay

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