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O Come You And Go Seeing The Face, Face Divine, Dark, Myth..

O, come you,
Come you and go seeing,
Bijay Kant Dubey

Nocturnal Snowing

«Let this fluffy snow fall upon our
Dreams and make them shine! »
Fabrizio Frosini

'Nevicata Notturna' — 'nocturnal Snowing'

«Lasciamo che questa neve leggera cada sui nostri
Sogni e li faccia risplendere! »
Fabrizio Frosini

A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucy's Day, Being The Shortest Day

'Tis the year's midnight, and it is the day's,
Lucy's, who scarce seven hours herself unmasks;
John Donne

A Nocturnal Reverie

In such a Night, when every louder Wind
Is to its distant Cavern safe confin'd;
Anne Kingsmill Finch

Nocturnal Longing (Variation Of Rainer Maria Rilke's 'Even..

Roaming clouds
Portray nocturnal longing
Ilania Cyaalá

The Nocturnal Animal

The nocturnal animal who feels alright to move
Into the middle of nowhere,
Robert Rorabeck

The Nocturnal, Supernatural, Mystical Tantrica

The tantrica moving ahead to a lonely place of his
And the dog following him after,
Bijay Kant Dubey

I Looked Over The Sea Nocturnal

I looked over the sea nocturnal
And heard a song
Emmanuel George Cefai

Nocturnal Affairs Pt 1

Two codependents unwinding at the end of yet another fraught day.
Domestic partners dally at their pleasures
Tsbiyah Bat Yah

A Nocturnal Visit!

Hey, girlie, how many steps are still to go?
Before I get to where your sweet dreams know


Poetry seems to be falling asleep
Right at the moment my soul wishes to speak
Candis Johnson

The Long Nocturnal Walks

I love the long walks at night,
Under the seductive eyes of an epic moon,
Hebert Logerie

Nocturnal Serenade In Ursa Minor

[Malam ini dingin sekali ya sayang
Apakah kita sudah benar-benar ada di utara? ]
Refa Kris

Nocturnal Heart (Rhyming Edgar Allen Poe)

Underneath the midnight moon
Nocturnal heart shines in the black void
Bryan Lordeus

Nocturnal Reflections

I watched myself
Ellie Daphne van Stralen


At night, when we
go to sleep, thinking
Neela Nath Das

Nocturnal Celeste

When colorful hues turn the hour of the day, all
disembodiments rise untwined from the mind,
Sergio Mystique

A Winter Nocturnal Dreams

The Sewali blooms, fresh dews purify the flowers,
Grasses bathed, by those heavenly showers,
d'menz veen

Nocturnal Dreams

My love have you found your destiny way
The whispering winds are playing all around
Peter S. Quinn

The Nocturnal Blood

The nocturnal blood washes the day down the river
In a flow that encompasses all war torn provinces
Theorem The Truth Serum

Nocturnal Dreams (Haiku)

Owl eyes burn through night
the moon shines brightly
ashley Sch


a glimpse of bliss
a simple kiss
Michael Devant

My Everyday Nights; Nocturnal

Buried between the concrete and the pillows that my head rests.
Pitch black volumes that i i see trying to figure out figures, straining so much and ever but worn out too easily.
NurWilmy Francis

To Slip Into The Nocturnal

For Lynne
To slip into the nocturnal,
Laura D. Rodriguez

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