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A Game Of Fives

Five little girls, of Five, Four, Three, Two, One:
Rolling on the hearthrug, full of tricks and fun.
Lewis Carroll

The Beautiful Game (Soccer)

I love you more than my old soccer cleats,
The ones I’ll never give up.
Gab Oso

The Night Game

Some of us believe
We would have conceived romantic
Robert Pinsky

Before The Game

Shut one eye then the other
Peek into every corner of yourself
Vasko Popa

The Hockey Game

The players get ready for their big game tonight.
Nicholaus Taphorn

Life Is A Game

life is like a game
come on roll the dice
chelsea lost and wandering

Baseball (My Game)

I can hear the cries of the crowd
High up in the stands.
Megan Leighann Cummings

My Love Is Like A Soccer Game....

My love is Like a Soccer Game
the field is my life I am the player
Henric Kristoffer Miranda

Love Games

Love plays games.
Games so complex that it
Dan Brown

Love, Is Not A Game.....

When those two true hearts meet with love
then their relationship is blooming in their souls
Ravi Sathasivam

Between Games

Nobody rests
This one constantly shifts his eyes
Vasko Popa

Championship Game

Offense wins games
Or so they all say
Bob Campbell

If God Designed Video Games

The influence of video games is immense.
Many are designed for escalating defense.
Theresa Ann Moore

Golf A Simple Game

Golf is a great sport
Driver hybrid wedge putter
Gabe Anderson

Sestina: The Game Of Baseball

The circle is the center of the game:
The trip from home to home; mound; ball.
Hans Ostrom

Know The Game Of Life

A rich man built up a stadium,
In a ground to play every game.
Rajaram Ramachandran

Video Games Are Evil And Bad

Video games are evil and you shouldn’t play them
They will take you out but take you away from a friend
sam, corrupt S, finley

Small Game

In borrowed boots which don't fit
and an old olive greatcoat,
Philip Levine

Life Is Like A Game Of Chess...

Life is like a game of chess.
you're either one side or the other. Male or Female.
Ikari No Mae

! ! ! ! Games Time Plays- Tanka! ! ! ! !

Bones ache, sleep evades…
Oh, grandfather clock strikes twelve;
Mamta Agarwal

Life-A Game Of Chess

Life is a game of chess
With intricacy countless
Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Life Is A Game Of Chance

Every time I shuffle a pack of cards I change the outcome of the game.
What if I do the same in life?
Daniel Hooks

Boy's Games

Ignite my imagination,
Take me somewhere new,
Aisha Sherazi

Life Is Like A Game

Life is like a game
A game of Basketball
Lendl Ian Servillon

Answers In A Game Of Questions

IN the small and great world too,
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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