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The Garden Of Stone In Memory Of My Dad, Frank J Haru..

As the families gather all around,
Together, and yet alone,
Margaret A. Brennan

Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume? Or Calling Dr. Eduard Wirths,..

Was Dr. Frankenstein a German-Jew?
Who knew?
Joe Rosochacki

Sonnet Lxix. To Alice In England. Also Written In Frankfort.

Child of our love, thou sleepest softly now
In our dear home perchance, with thine own smile
Henry Alford

Her English Is Stormy, British And Accented Well, My Engli..

My English is very poor,
Frankly speaking, I am weak in
Bijay Kant Dubey

Frankly Speaking, I Am Very Silly As I Don’t How To Bid Go..

Frankly speaking, I have learnt English by rote,
A rustic boy am I,
Bijay Kant Dubey

That Night (Inspired By Frank James Christopher Ryan Jr.) ..

And on that night,
She died.
Kewayne Wadley

Dear Cri-Cri (Whilst We Are Free) (Words Anne Frank 194..

Dear Cri-Cri (Whilst we are Free) (words Anne Frank 1942 and Ian Inkster 2017; music Ian Inkster 2017) .
If you did not finish your work properly,
Dr Ian Inkster

A Turn Of The Cards { V I I - V I I - V I I } (Rp) - Poem..

______________VII-VII-VII _____________
When comes my time to fold or call....what shall I see?
Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

Frankie And Johnnie

Frankie and Johnnie were lovers,
O, my Gawd, how they could love,

My Dearest Frank, I Wish You Joy

My dearest Frank, I wish you joy
Of Mary's safety with a Boy,
Jane Austen

Frankenstein's Monster

I built a living creature with every body part that I could find.
I had no idea that I was giving him a psychopathic mind.
Randy Johnson

Anne Frank

She was a young girl
With many hopes and dreams
Pete Rivera

Childhood Memories Sung To The Tune Of Shawnee West Frankl..

Some people have a childhood garden
Filled with green and growing things
Tim Bovee

On The Death Of Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Thus, some tall tree that long hath stood
The glory of its native wood,
Philip Freneau

Found Poem From Frankenstein

Day after Day,
Week after Week,
Brad Combs

A Phonecall From Frank O'Hara

I was living in San Francisco
My heart was in Manhattan
Anne Waldman

A Cat Named Frank

He is a beautiful kitty cat
Frank is his name
Marilyn Lott

Franklin Hyde

Who caroused in the Dirt and was corrected by His Uncle.
His Uncle came upon Franklin Hyde
Hilaire Belloc

The Bride Of Frankenstein (Aka Creating A Woman)

Life from Death, consigned!
do I dare re-cross this line?
Chuck Audette

The Franklin's Tale

'IN faith, Squier, thou hast thee well acquit,
And gentilly; I praise well thy wit,'
Geoffrey Chaucer

A Haiku About Anne Frank House

last pencil marks
on the wall
Chenou Liu

The Poet As Dr, Frankenstein

My floor is littered
With corpses.
Jan Sand

A Rare Bit By L. Frank Baum

(from the book, by the Candelabra's Glare by Baum)
(Writ dejectedly at early dawn.)
Sidi J. Mahtrow

Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin. Ever heard of her?
The un-famous chemist that caused quite a stir.
Sidi J. Mahtrow

Viktor Frankl, Mans Search For Meaning

Guiding us all through endless night
A student of Freud, a genius too
Stephen Loomes

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