Sebastian Sandok

Sebastian Sandok Poems

1. Sun Below The Cedarwood 10/26/2006
2. Billowed Locomotion 10/30/2006
3. The Battle Of All Ends 11/16/2006
4. Deviance Of The Dull 12/2/2006
5. North's Top 12/6/2006
6. Lost Ways(Into The Woods) 12/14/2006
7. A Wood Rose 1/9/2007
8. Life Behind The Paint 1/30/2007
9. The Lighthouse 2/22/2007
10. Appalachian Trail 6/1/2007
11. On Leaving 6/8/2007
12. Dartmouth 83 8/11/2007
13. Morning In Meredith 8/11/2007
14. Tao 8/22/2007
15. Tya 11/26/2007
16. Out N' About 2/18/2008
17. Droplets 3/5/2008
18. The Eleventh Overture 3/29/2008
19. Cold Night 4/15/2008
20. Reed Amongst Bamboo 11/1/2006
21. Ontop Fall 11/5/2006
22. Nova Scotia 8/15/2007
23. Zen Lunatics (From The Window) 12/10/2006
24. Soccer Field Dreams 8/11/2007
25. Between Glades 3/23/2008
26. Of Blue 12/7/2006
27. A Middle Path 12/2/2006
28. Cassiopea 10/27/2006
29. A Steady Squall 12/4/2006
30. A Dabbling Thought 11/19/2006
31. Concerto (Mandolin In The Sea) 10/30/2006
Best Poem of Sebastian Sandok

Concerto (Mandolin In The Sea)

A fellow of mine once told me,
that the seas magnificent ballad,
was sung in a Minor D.
And oh, how the gales fluttered,
on the capricious eve we heard her sing.
The bellowing of thee bass,
piping of the wind,
the inaudible moan of the tide.
As the dainty Sirens Song came out of the air,
in a seductive waft of salt.
All I could do, was but stand,
humbly still, and listen,
as my fellow chimed with the sea.
Merely a duet of two souls,
drawn along the shore,
permeating ever grain, every still life.
Nothing ...

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The Battle Of All Ends

Is it merely a matter of time?
Before ships will splinter upon the stony shore,
Between nights final breath and mornings evenflow,
Will its terror echo through out the land, writhing the souls
Of intrepid riders that cantor to their destiny, their doom.
Shall the innocent flee before such a shadowed darkness?
For daughters to take hind’ trees of Weeping Widows,
As fathers and sons of fathers transpire into gaunt, malaise figures
Vanishing in such a haze of intrusion.

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