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.....a soul born in india.....growing up making others's walking alone in the rain and admiring the nature...feels good when being alone, and that makes me busy penning down some lines in the name of poems....reading it funny people say i am a I? ...yu got to say that, once you gone thr ma mad lines n te nxt pages....never expect my poems to bring smile on ur face, ofcourse t a poet in my style...i like my words to make you feel n get urself involved, while yu goin thr ma lines...n i believe thts a poet s credit...n so i am....

though i always like seein smile on peoples face who cross a human, i too like sharin their pain n tears besides smile...cos at times you will see tears are too good than smile...hard to believe but its true...

As forgiveness and sacrifice became ma daily habit..still ma soul and mind always waits for a sweet revenge for few whom i came across...but mild whisphr always hits my ears saying forget and forgive cos tht's makes a man different from others...and i smile thinkin t..cos people say am different........Am i? ......

many say they want to be like me n their next birth....lot of them shower me with their love n care...creamy words and credit...though i was given two hands to live with...i see many fight to walk beside me life long holdin ma palm.....somehow or someway everythin suddenly vanish and i become alone and calm....

which makes me to smile again....couldn judge God's plan...cos though he makes me come across a new one to walk with often...He never makes one stay for long....guess He like's me to share ma love and care for many n not for few....funny isnt t? ..

...........never mind who you are....good or bad you did to free to hear my song...cos it always goes wit my love and care..same for all till my life long.....God bless always..

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Angel On Earth....

You are the only living angel on earth
and for sure none is as beautiful as you by birth
whenever you cross me I could feel your pleasant breeze
which push my heart beat to a sudden freeze
the way you see me with a raised bro
adds fuel to the butterflies in me to grow
the hours I wait for you never get me bored
rather will wait for years all alone in the lonely road....

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