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Cyber Space

We search in cyberspace
Space is so unreal
Transport faster than lighting
close and in front

Romance Message

You ask for romance message
Romance is not just typing word
I will try to type and
My hearting is beating faster

See No Education Writer

I haven't passed an exam in school
I left school at the age 14
Not one blue mark but all red
The whole class I will

End Day Wishing

30 December: End of day end of last.
We grant new day new year and grant long

We will never know when the day will end

Saddam Hussein Executed

theworld know
Saddam is evil and murderers
Which cruel to his peoples
Murder them and rule them

Cheering A New Year A New Start

The skies is black
But heart and soul
Brighter than before
Sparking stars on top

Terror Are Not A Being

If you are a being
If you will not do such a thing
Only things can do such a thing
Destroying every mankind

Good To Write Poems

I want everyone in theworld
To write poems
Poems is the best to happy writing
Anger sad and pain

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you
You won my heart
Because your cyber electrify
It shocked me to millions volt

I Came

2 thousands years ago
I came I teach I preacher
I heal I cure sickness
It still not enough for you and all