see fee lee Poems

Hit Title Date Added

We go in dating site
and we respond
and we reply everyday
picture and talk about ourselves

My Dream For One Love Became

My dream for one love became
No picture no need to whisper
Is not a dream any how she is real?
It became coming to me in fresh

My Dream For One Love Countdown

My dream for one love Countdown
Countdown my arm is open and waiting
Stiff tired clock sound I heard ticks tocks ticks tocks
Time will never stop, time past and never come again

I Am The Man

I am the man
Do not feel pains or hurts
Make from iron
My heart is makes of steel

I Am The Man Without Tear?

I am the man without tear?
Who don’t feel pain cannot be hurt
Heart broken without a tear out of my eyes
What are tears? Sorry, I can’t just to show

Love Bird And Pair Of Us

Two love bird on the tree top
Sing and picking each other
Is so sweet and loving
Colourful and beautiful


I have a friend call Michelle.
Sorry total 3 Michelle I know off
One I go to school with and
Second we meet up sometime for a nice meal.

Christmas Wishing

Wishing you all
Warmth you peaceful
As we celebrity Christmas
Let us open our heart

Love Of Gold

Gold underneath and float above
change into dusk but underneath the treasure.

Love of gold

War And Peace 2

The ugliness of First, and Second World War,
I don't want to hear war again,
But why, war has never been stopped.
I don’t want to hear war again.